6 Simple Ways to Transform Daily Activity into Content

The struggle for fresh, creative content has long been real but I’m starting to think it doesn’t have to be. What I mean is, why are we racking our brains to create interesting blogs or unique infographics when so much of what we do on a daily basis can be converted into content with a few minor tweaks?

Think about it…

How many things do you do on a daily, or every-other-day basis that could be manipulated into content with relative ease?

Probably a lot. If not a lot, certainly a few.

You are doing things every day (tasks, chores, hobbies, etc.) that can be come content that’s relevant to a wide-array of people.

To help you get the creative juices flowing, here are six simple examples of what I’m talking about…

Transform your home-cooking into an addictive Instagram feed

If you’re one of those people who loves to cook, the fruit of your labor need not be limited to friends and family.

Why not take a picture of your plated meal and post it to Instagram?

Believe it or not, lots of people—particularly in the United States—don’t know how to cook anything other than Hot Pockets and Mac n’ Cheese. Your culinary creations—tactfully paired with the right Instagram filter—are going to look mouth-wateringly amazing.

Post your daily dish pic (along with some simple instructions), flag it would a couple of relevant hashtags and—boom—dinner for the kids becomes content for the masses.

Turn trips to the gym into a “How-To” video

Between the abundance of spandex and bulging muscles, the gym can an intimidating place for the athletically uninitiated. A lack of workout knowledge, gym etiquette, and proper exercise technique can make that intimidation factor even worse.

Assuming health and wellness are your natural forte, why not turn those daily trips to the gym into “How-To” videos? Pair your smartphone with a cheap tripod, and watch as your next set of dead lifts becomes an incredibly helpful demonstration for the masses.

Create great guides from recorded phone calls

Phone calls are POWERFUL sources of information and instruction.

By recording and transcribing your calls, you can create highly coveted manuals that demonstrate how to…

  • Deal with an ornery customer
  • Conduct a cold-call
  • Close a deal
  • Fire a service provider—Comcast, Bank of America, etc.
  • Research a potential prospect
  • Side-step a gate-keeper
  • Get something for free from a customer service agent

The possibilities are limitless…

Use screen capture software to document a hack

Do you build corporate newsletters for a living?

Perhaps you have a passion for editing images in Photoshop?

Maybe you’re just really good at searching for stuff on Reddit?

Whatever your computer-based skill, if you’re doing it with regularity, why not document it via screen capture software?

Not only is this incredibly easy to do, but it’s cheap (there are a TON of free screen capture software options available) and people L-O-VE video content.

Easy + Free = What are you waiting for?

Convert activity tracker data into a day-by-day guide to achieving “X” or “Y”

Devices like FitBit and Jawbone have erupted in popularity. People are tracking everything from steps taken in a day, to hours slept and calories burned.

If you’re using an activity tracker to monitor your progress toward a certain health-related goal—a lower heart rate variability, perhaps?—why not take the data you’re collecting and convert it into a day-by-day guide of some kind?

Documented your data-based success (and failures) to show people the right versus wrong way to hit their health objectives.

Convert a commute into an eBook

Always wanted to create a cool lead magnet for your small business but struggle with finding time to sit down and write? Why not spend your commuting hours to record your thoughts and ideas?

If you already have to spend time travelling to and from the office every day, there’s no reason not to use that time to create content.

Record your thoughts onto a smart phone, bundle the recordings onto Dropbox or Drive, and have them transcribed. Pass those transcriptions onto a competent ghostwriter and watch as your long-overdue Lead Magnet comes to life.

Again, these six suggestions are merely a drop in the proverbial idea bucket—there are hundreds upon hundreds of ways you can repurpose daily duties into something significant.

I can’t wait to see what kind of content you can create.