The Value of a Chief of Staff


I have a question…

Who is the person that knows exactly when and where you need to be?

What you need to do?

How you need to do it?

I’m not talking about a manager or a receptionist. I’m talking about someone different.

Someone who accomplishes what you’re thinking before you ever ask…

Someone who efficiently and meticulously sources all your shit where it needs to go, before you even realize it needs to be sourced…

I’m talking about your chief of staff.

The person in your life that makes the impossible possible.

That handles all the superfluous B.S. in your world so you can completely devote your time, energy, and attention to the things that matter most:

  • Your Family
  • Your Friends
  • Your happiness
  • Your passions
  • And The work that only YOU can do

For me, it’s the Less Doing Virtual Assistants.

For my friend Joe Polish, it’s his long-time rockstar assistant, Eunice.

For you, it’s…

If you can’t finish that sentence with confidence, it’s a problem.

Why?—because you need a chief of staff.

Every truly successful individual, the type of individual who has zero inefficiencies in their day and super-high levels of productivity, relies heavily on a chief of staff.

Be it a single individual like Eunice, or a high-level service like Less Doing Virtual Assistants, the chief of staff becomes a mental and physical extension of the individual it represents (in this case, you).

Your chief of staff doesn’t need to ask permission, doesn’t need to double check. The relationship they’ve formed with you is so tight, so natively ingrained, they can operate autonomously to get what you need done.

Do they have all the answers all the time?—no.

But on that rare occasion when they don’t have the answers you need, your chief of staff knows exactly where to go to get them.

That versatility and ingenuity is what makes the chief of staff the ultimate time-saver and overwhelm-reducer.

If you don’t have a chief of staff currently—that’s OK—but I strongly recommend getting one, and getting one soon.