How Ari and Nick Hire Great People

Make no bones about it…


Especially for small business owners or entrepreneurs with limited resources.

Trying to find the right candidate to fill the right void in costs money, cannibalizes time, and if not don’t properly the first time, costs even more money and time.

That’s why Nick and I worked incredibly hard to create a thorough, hands-free hiring process for Less Doing, and today I’m going to show you exactly how it works…  

Build a “Jobs” alias

The automation of our hiring process began with an email alias created exclusively for job applicants.

We used and I recommend using something equally simple.

Post the email address clearly and unmistakably on the “Contact Us” page of your website, and anywhere else you might be publically promoting job opportunities with your company, like Craigslist or LinkedIn.

Set Up an Auto Responder

When interested applicants start emailing your newly created “Jobs” alias, you aren’t going to want to answer questions surrounding open positions, let alone sift through cover letters and resumes.

Instead, do what we did—create an auto-responder that includes all the imaginable details of the job:

  • Company mission
  • Daily Responsibilities
  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Expectations
  • Qualifications

…And most importantly, next steps.

In our case, we ask people to send us a YouTube video pitching us on their skill set.

Notice how we’re not just asking for a video, we’re asking for a YouTube video—this one nuance helps us eliminate 60% of job candidates right off the bat.

Applicants either don’t read the instructions, sending us pitches in the wrong format which means they don’t pay attention to detail….

Don’t want to go to the effort to create a video, which means they’re lazy…

Or can’t figure out how to upload a video file to YouTube, which means they’re not enough of a problem solver to make it as a member of Less Doing.

By explicitly asking for a YouTube video, we’re throwing up another small yet important barrier to entry and saving ourselves from lots of unnecessary interviewing.

Invite to Continue

When we’ve had an opportunity to review the YouTube pitches we’ve received, we invite any interesting candidates to continue the application process by walking through our entire onboarding procedure (PDFs, instructional videos, etc.), a procedure we automate using Workforce by Intuit.

This is hours and hours of work we’re asking applicants to complete on their own accord. We’re not paying them for this and there’s no guarantee they’ll be hired.

Only candidates of quality and commitment—the people that really want the job—make it through the onboarding process…just one more filter we put in place to help the cream rise to the top.  

Approve and Check

The select few that actually get through the entire Workforce onboarding process are “approved” at its conclusion, and sent a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Contractor Agreement, and 1099.

Once Workforce receives signed copies of the NDA, Contractor Agreement, and 1099, it automatically conducts a background check on the potential new hire.

Official Training

Our applicants are approaching the final lap of the hiring process—they’re near the end, but they’re not at the end.

If the background check is successfully passed, we invite them to finalize their pre-job training through a 16 hour course, at the conclusion of which they’re presented with a test…

…a test they need to score 90% or higher on in order to pass.

Welcome to Less Doing

And assuming our candidates successfully score that 90%+ on their final exam, they are finally presented with an official hiring letter.

They’ve reached the end of the road.

Let’s Recap…

In order to work with us, applicants have to:

1.      Proactively make an inquiry with us

2.      Read the job description on the auto responder

3.      Pitch us on their talent through a YouTube video

4.      Endure a lengthy on-boarding process

5.      Complete an NDA, Contractor Agreement, and 1099

6.      Clear a background check

7.      Take a 16 hour course

8.      Score at least 90% on a Less Doing exam

It’s only after doing all of this, that applicants are offered a job with us.

The process is thorough, intense, and requires the absolute base minimum input from myself and Nick.

It is—without a doubt—the best way to hire great people.