How It Works

The info below on how the service works will all be explained by an on-boarding expert when you actually begin to use the service so no need to read too deeply into it. However, our clients tend to be more successful when they read the info below before the call.


It all begins with trello

If you don't know what Trello is, Trello is a project management service that takes the hassle of communicating tasks to the VAs away completely. If you want to post a task, all you need to do is add a card to the VA List and our VAs will automatically respond with questions about the task or simply complete it. When it's done, we'll move the task to the done column. These tasks are often referred to as 'cards.' A card can have pictures, links, conversations, checklists and so much more. 

What kind of taks can I assign?

What can you think of? We do all sorts of task ranging from travel arrangements to website management. Less Doing has specialists on the team that allows you to get the best skills possible for the job. We couldn't possibly have a specialist for every type of task so when those rare occasions arise we'll reach out to freelancers on your behalf. 



What happens when I run out of hours?

Because you're essentially buying hours of a VAs time, the only thing you'll be charged along with the monthly fee is the hours the VAs use. You won't be surprised with charges and will have access to a report which shows what the VAs worked on and how much time it took. We bill 10 hours at a time. For example, if you've used 24 hours of work but have only paid for 20 we'll add on 10 more to make sure you have some time saved up. It's really that simple.