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Podcast #102 with Andrea Loubier of Mailbird

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Interview File:https://db.tt/fXZpTHkw Show Notes: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Also Check out Ari’s book “Less Doing, More Living” Get More Great Content at lessdoing.com Co-hosted by Dave Rael (raelyard.com) and Nick Sonnenberg (calvinapp.com) Episode 102 Summary: In Episode #102, Ari sits down for a conversation with budding entrepreneur Andrea Loubier, CEO of Mailbird to discuss the impressive growth of the successful PC-based email client, as well as the perks and pitfalls of email in general.   Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:02 – Ari introduces two guest hosts: Dave Rael and Nick Sonnenberg 01:28 – Dave Rael introduces himself, Owner…

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Podcast #101 w/Gil Blander of Inside Tracker

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  Show Notes: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Also Check out Ari’s book “Less Doing, More Living“ Get More Great Content at lessdoing.com Episode 101 Summary: In Episode #101 Ari interviews Dr. Gil Blander, initial founder and current president of InsideTracker, the maker of industry-leading health analytics tools for personal use. As they exchange thoughts on the importance of health, Ari and Gil cover DIY blood testing, Ari’s Cholesterol and the true markers of optimal health. Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:45 – Ari introduces Gil Blander (2nd time on podcast) of Inside Tracker 01:55 – Full Disclosure: Ari is an advisor…

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Podcast #100 – Our Centenniel Episode

By | Podcasts, Posts | 4 Comments

Show Notes: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Also Check out Ari’s book “Less Doing, More Living“ Leave Your Questions for the Podcast HERE Get More Great Content and Full Show Notes with Transcript at lessdoing.com Episode 100 Summary: In Episode #100 Felix sits down to interview regular host and Less Doing, More Living founder, Ari Meisel to celebrate the 100th recording of the Less Doing podcast. During their discussion, Ari touches on his battle with Crohn’s disease, the origins of Less Doing and how he facilitates success. Sponsored By: BulletProof Unfair Advantage – A mini-shot of ActivePQQ™ formulated to promote heart, cell,…

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Why I Am Getting Off The Amazon Train

By | News, Posts | 4 Comments

After years of loving and supporting Amazon I wanted to share a recent experience that has ensured I will never use Amazon again. From now on every purchase I make will be done using Fetch, a company that knows how to treat it’s customers and has shown me that you can save a lot of money by ordering from Amazon.com’s competitors. Below is the recent email I sent to Jeff Bezos: Mr. Bezos,   My Amazon account was recently closed after being a faithful customer and public advocate for well over 10 years.    I created a productivity system called…

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Podcast #99 with Nina Teicholz of The Big Fat Surprise

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Episode 99 Summary: In Episode #99, Ari hosts Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise and a former journalist for a variety of publications includingGourmet, Men’s Health, the Economistand the New York Times. During their conversation, Nina and Ari chat about the common misconceptions surrounding saturated fat. Their ultimate conclusion?—Saturated fats are an important, if not essential, component of a healthy diet. Sponsored By: Cognitea – An all-natural tea designed to be smarter, healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks Time Stamped Show Notes:          15:05 – Introduction of Nina Teicholz          15:10 – The Big Fat Surprise         …

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