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Will I work with just one Virtual Assistant?


You will have the ability to request a dedicated project manager but—no—you will never work exclusively with one virtual assistant…and that’s a good thing! Part of what makes Less Doing Virtual Assistants so effective and so successful is that our clients, can tap into dedicated team of talented Virtual Assistants. You get access to a small team with a diverse array of skill. When you post a task, our best Virtual Assistant for that specific job will be tasked with the assignment.  


How can I contact Less Doing?


To inquire about our services, please schedule a call with one of our VAs at your convenience:


Alternatively, you can email us:


If you’re an existing client and have a query that requires attention outside of Trello, please email us at:


(Please note—existing clients have unlimited access to LDVA setup and best-practices coaching. To arrange a coaching call, please refer to the link provided in your Trello dossier.


How can I contact a Virtual Assistant once I’ve signed up?


Once you’ve signed up, we recommend keeping all communication with Virtual Assistants confined to Trello—having said that, you we always welcome to contact us via email, phone, or SMS as needed.


Where are you located?


Our Virtual Assistants are spread all across the world, from New York City to Los Angeles, California from Melbourne, Australia to Florence, Italy, and everywhere in between. Because our assistants cover eight time zones, you can assign tasks right before bed and expect them to be on their way to completion before you wake up in the morning.


What does $129/month provide access to?


The $129/month fee is the cost of your subscription to Less Doing Virtual Assistants. It is billed once per month and entitles you to access our Virtual Assistant community. Your first billed month (your first $129 fee) comes with 5 free hours of Virtual Assistant related work. Each hour after the first 5 free hours is billed at a rate of $40/hour.


Your $129/month subscription fee also entitles you to unlimited access to feedback from our two productivity coaches—Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg—as well as access to unlimited coaching calls with our VAs on subjects relating to the optimal use of the VA service.  


How does the $40/hour system work? How do I buy hours?


Hours are pre-paid in increments of 5 or 10 hours. These hours do not expire and roll-over.


Hours are only used for tasks you assign, and our Virtual Assistants track their time down to the second—there’s no rounding up here, the time we work is the time you pay for.  


What can the 5 free hours be used for?


Your first month’s subscription to Less Doing Virtual Assistants comes with 5 free hours of Assistant service. You are free to use those 5 hours in any way you wish in order to test the service and determine if it’s a good fit for you.


Once your 5 free hours have been used, you can purchase additional hours in 5 or 10 hour increments.


What sorts of tasks can I ask a Virtual Assistant to do?




As long as it doesn’t require breaking a law, our team will find a way to get it done.


From booking flights, to paying bills, to creating marketing collateral, to selling your car—Less Doing Virtual Assistants will do whatever needs doing.


To find out more, schedule a complementary call with one of our VAs: 


How is my purchased time used?


Your purchased time is used exclusively on your projects.


We track project times down to the second using Toggl, and show you those times in order to provide complete transparency into our service.


How can I work at LDVA?


Interested in joining our team? To learn more about the greatest job you will ever have, click here: