Podcast #100 - Our Centenniel Episode


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Episode 100


In Episode #100 Felix sits down to interview regular host and Less Doing, More Living founder, Ari Meisel to celebrate the 100th recording of the Less Doing podcast. During their discussion, Ari touches on his battle with Crohn’s disease, the origins of Less Doing and how he facilitates success.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  •          03:40 – The Less Doing podcast will no longer offer complete transcriptions
  •          04:33 – The Less Doing podcast will now provide annotated show notes and episode summaries
  •          05:40 – Ari details his recent issues with Amazon
  •          08:57 – In all likelihood, Ari will be using Fetch moving forward as opposed to Amazon
  •          35:55 – Interview begins with Ari detailing how he got into Less Doing
  •          37:00 – Less Doing is about helping people save time, reduce stress and better use their brain
  •          39:20 – Auto-immune issues effect the body in many, many ways
  •          39:45 – How Ari essentially cured himself from Chron’s disease
  •          43:38 – Ari considers a vegetarian, fish-infused diet to be one of the healthiest if not the healthiest diets available
  •          44:26 – The big kicker for the success of any diet?—High fat, low sugar.
  •          44:55 – Avoiding pre-packaged and processed foods
  •          46:33 – “You have to eat seasonally”
  •          47:14 – Perfection isn’t necessary for comprehensive dietary success, but eating right90% of the time is key
  •          47:40 – Bad foods are designed to be addictive
  •          47:50 – Limiting variety is advantageous to finding dietary success
  •          50:03 – Ari explains how he got into pushing productivity
  •          51:57 – Ari explains how he got into coaching people
  •          52:37 – SkillShare’s role in helping Less Doing take flight
  •          52:50 – The first EVER LessDoing class
  •          55:08 – How Ari gets by with so few apps on his smartphone?
  •          55:30 – The 4 folders of Ari’s smartphone home screen: productivity, utilities, audio/visual and home control
  •          55:46 – The secret to reducing phone clutter is taking advantage of mobile site bookmarks—You don’t need the app!
  •          57:35 – Why having a minimalist approach to apps is advantageous
  •          58:00 – The importance of Evernote for helping Ari streamline life
  •          60:30 – Clients, projects and the future of Less Doing
  •          63:01 – Words of wisdom from previous podcast guests
  •          63:14 – Successful Habit and Resource #1 – Ben Greenfield – Recharge in the afternoon by taking a 20-40 minute powernap. Also, make workouts more effective by wearing a weighted vest and an elevation training mask (75:55)
  •          64:30 – Successful Habit and Resource #2 – Hal Elrod – Employ the Miracle Morning to maximize daily productivity and take advantage of a 5-minute Journal
  •          65:32 – Successful Habit and Resource #3 – Joe Polish – Go to the public library (or a quiet place) to focus and use a voice app instead of just sending an email to get as close to “in-person” as possible
  •          67:27 – Successful Habit and Resource #4 – John Bowen – Listen to the lessons and recommendations of Ari. Take advantage of Fancy Hands to improve task management and efficiency
  •          69:44 – Successful Habit and Resource #5 – Jordan Harbinger – Make sure everything is on the calendar
  •          70:15 – Successful Habit and Resource #6 – Mark Devine – Practice daily integrated training
  •          71:09 – Successful Habit and Resource #7 – Steven Kotler – Always do the 4th set and go to the Flow Genome Project
  •          72:34 – Successful Habit and Resource #8 – Stephen Robbins – Carry around a capture device to record to-do items, events, ideas, etc. and buy a Moleskine notebook
  •          74:06 – Successful Habit and Resource #9 – Dave Asprey – Make a habit of listening to what’s happening on the inside and control the sympathetic nervous system

7 Key Points:

  1.        Less Doing is about helping people save time, reduce stress and better use their brain
  2.        The triggers for auto-immune conditions are often overlooked
  3.        Seasonal eating partnered with a high fat, low sugar intake are paramount to dietary health
  4.        Limiting variety is a great way to discover dietary success
  5.        Teaching something is one of the best ways, if not the best way, to learn something yourself
  6.        Employing minimalism can be an effective method to achieve a streamlined lifestyle
  7.        Take advantage of technology and use it to your benefit

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Training Mask – A mask designed to restrict oxygen, improve lung capacity and help sea-level athletes replicate training at high-altitudes.
  • Google Inbox – A new Google app designed to “intelligently” bundle emails and improve inbox clarity.
  • Follow Up CC – Just came out with their own app that allows users to manage their Follow Up CC’s, converting them into very time-specific to-do lists.
  • ResMed S+ – A no-contact device that “watches” the sleeper, tracking their sleeping habits and monitoring their environmental factors.
  • InstaPage.com – Allows people and business to create landing pages and do A/B testing quickly and effectively.
  • Article on i09 – Every flu-vaccine myth debunked
  • Narrative Science Quill – An artificial intelligence platform that uncovers key facts and interesting insights in data and transforms them into narratives for the enterprise…Basically AI for content creation.
  • CharlieApp.com – Looks through various public sources including Linkedin and Facebook to create a one-pager on anyone you’re going to meet before you meet with them.
  • PaperTiger – A filing system creatively designed for digital documents and physical paper documents
  • Immersion – An MIT project that scans the To, From, CC and Timestamp fields of your email to create a visual infographic of who you contact and who they connect with
  • Connect6 – “Combines the power of Big Data science, smart indexing and browsing technology to redefine how sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals discover and connect with people on the web.“
  • MovieCollector – A software program designed to help people catalog their DVD collections and digital movie files.
  • Fancy Hands – An on-demand, personal assistant hiring platform.

Reviews and Comments:

  •          03:10 – “I’m very interested in this podcast and this topic. Health is more and more important to us the older we get. Calm and informative.”