Podcast #102 with Andrea Loubier of Mailbird


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Co-hosted by Dave Rael (raelyard.com) and Nick Sonnenberg (calvinapp.com)

Episode 102


In Episode #102, Ari sits down for a conversation with budding entrepreneur Andrea Loubier, CEO of Mailbird to discuss the impressive growth of the successful PC-based email client, as well as the perks and pitfalls of email in general.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:02 – Ari introduces two guest hosts: Dave Rael and Nick Sonnenberg
  • 01:28 – Dave Rael introduces himself, Owner of RaelYard.com
  • 01:50 – Nick Sonnenberg introduces himself, CEO of Calvin
  • 22:05 – Interview with Andrea Loubier opens
  • 22:25 – Andrea explains what Mailbird is
  • 23:20 – Definition of what makes Mailbird different from similar applications
  • 24:15 – Mailbird focuses on productivity and reaching “Inbox zero”
  • 24:35 – The special features of Mailbird
  • 25:07 – What is Wingman? What is the goal of Wingman?
  • 28:41 – In what ways do people use email inefficiently?
  • 29:09 – Some people let email dictate their daily workflow
  • 30:40 – Andrea is an “inbox zero” kind of woman
  • 31:00 – Mailbird is based in Bali
  • 31:23 – How Mailbird ended up in Bali
  • 33:28 – Andrea notes her love of working in Bali
  • 34:12 – The rarity of a woman moving overseas and founding a business
  • 35:25 – The entrepreneurial community of Bali
  • 36:15 – Startup Getaway, A co-living, co-working community space in Bali
  • 37:19 – Hubud, The Salty Volt, Lineup Hub, Wave
  • 37:54 – The majority of the Mailbird team is based in Indonesia, but not necessarily in Bali. They also have team members in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 39:37 – What Andrea has learned from the hiccups of outsourcing work
  • 41:40 – Andrea’s top 3 tips for people who want to be more effective:
    • 41:56 – Chose the right tools, like a great email tool
    • 42:39 – Network to a high degree
    • 43:09 – Automate, automate, automate; try to automate as much as you can
    • 44:15 – www.GetMailBird.com and Andrea Loubier

7 Key Points:

  • Being “Inbox Zero” is vitally important to maximizing future productivity
  • Do not allow email to dictate or overwhelm your daily workflow
  • It is possible to successfully outsource a startup, but not without challenges
  • The entrepreneurial community of Bali isn’t budding, it’s buzzing
  • Choosing the right tools can make all the difference in achieving success
  • Tactful networking is absolutely invaluable
  • Use technology to your advantage and automate as much as you can

Resources Mentioned:

  • Paint ZenA company committed to improving the process of finding a trustworthy painter
  • Crowdvi.be – A useful way to engage the opinions of a specific group of people for research
  • AYTM – A company specializing in online market research
  • Humans Need Not Apply – A 15 minute YouTube video about the progression of automation…pretty much SkyNet meets the Matrix
  • AddApp.IO – AddApp takes the data from monitoring devices (FitBit, MapMyRun, etc.), helps users understand the data and provides lifestyle recommendations based upon that data
  • SmartShoot – On-Demand videographer or photographer service
  • PURGGO – An eco-purifier constructed from bamboo and charcoal
  • Perfect Your Salad Game – Lifehacker made an infographic for salad lovers looking to go next-level
  • Chat.CC – Turns emails into a real-time chat
  • Mailbird – A PC-based email client designed to promote productivity and “inbox zero”