Podcast #108 with Chris Kelly of NourishBalanceThrive


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Episode 108


In Episode #108 Ari sits down with Chris Kelly of NourishBalanceThrive, a digitally-based consulting firm with the end-goal of improving personal well-being by integrating the latest in modern scientific testing with age-old natural health solutions. During their conversation, Ari and Chris discuss the origins of NourishBalanceThrive, functional versus dysfunctional medicine and advantages of personal medical testing.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  •          23:41 – The introduction of Chris Kelly, the founder of Nourish, Balance, Thrive
  •          24:15 – Chris shares some background on his story, particularly his health issues
  •          26:57 – The Auto-Immune Protocol
  •          28:38 – Genetics were not the sole cause of Chris’ condition
  •          29:00 – Implementing dietary changes helped Chris dramatically improve his mental clarity
  •          29:30 – Functional medicine versus dysfunctional medicine
  •          32:40 – Specialists in the medical field can be totally uninformed as to the real solution to physical problems
  •          34:15 – Other than the Auto-Immune Protocol, what are the some additional methodologies used by Chris?
    • 34:55 – Adequate sleep
    • 35:00 – Stress reduction
    • 37:20 – Exercise
  •          35:18 – Adrenal stress profile and the significance of high cortisol levels
  •          36:35 – Cortisol defines circadian rhythm…when you can’t fall asleep, you are experiencing a corisol spike
  •          38:00 – There is only one physiological response to stress and that is to put “long-term building projects” (immunity, fertility, digestion) on hold
  •          40:12 – The cool thing about lab testing according to Chris
  •          40:56 – Organic acid testing
  •          42:45 – The common supplements that people are most frequently deficient in
  •          44:23 – The majority of Chris’ clients are digital
  •          45:58 – What information is typically garnered from stool testing?
  •          48:00 – What are your Top 3 Personal Tips to be More Effective?
    • 48:20 – Listen to the Less Doing Podcast
    • 49:05 – Break the big problem down into steps; create a pseudo code to solve problems
    • 49:44 – Take time to implement improvement strategies (guided meditation, better diet, exercise, etc.)
  •          50:25 – Everybody has stress and there is no way to avoid it
  •          51:10 – Understand that more is not more when it comes to exercise
  •          51:30 – Only do cardio in forms where you love it, don’t just do it to do it.
  •          51:40 – NourishBalanceThrive.com – 50% discount for anyone using the code: lessdoing

7 Key Points:

  1.        Diet and environment can dramatically impact performance; don’t give up on self-improvement because of poor genetics
  2.        The Auto-Immune Protocol is an extremely beneficial dietary methodology for lifestyle enhancement
  3.        Obtaining adequate sleep, appropriate exercise and the right kind of exercise is essential to achieving mental clarity
  4.        Cortisol defines the circadian rhythm
  5.        There is only one physiological response to stress and that is to put “long-term building projects” (immunity, fertility, digestion) on-hold
  6.        Break big problems into steps (pseudo-code) in order to better find resolutions
  7.        More is not necessarily better when it comes to exercise, particularly regarding cardio

Resources Mentioned:

Schedule an appointment with Chris and use code LESSDOING for 50% off

  • Pavlock – A bracelet built to act as a personal coach, breaking the wearer of negative habits
  • Shyp – The mobile app provides an easy, on-demand shipping experience.
  • The 2014 NY Times Holiday Gift Guide
  • Free Prints by PhotoAffections – An essentially free way to print photos from your computer or mobile device
  • Less Doing Toronto Meet Up – A Less Doing, More Living meet up group for residents of Toronto, ON
  • iPhone 6 Touch ID – A way of locking and unlocking the iPhone using fingerprint ID
  • Ro ¸om.Co – Instant video calls with up to 4 people and it requires no registration or download. Also comes with screen sharing and an iPhone app
  • Six Days of Eating Dog Food – A woman ate dog food for six days and wrote an article about it for Ozy
  • World’s Most Contagious Falsehoods – An Infographic on some of the world’s most popularly held myths
  • NoNotes – Allows for the recording of calls from any phone and the production of transcripts
  • Subliminal – Injects subliminal messaging on a Mac desktop to try and influence behavior
  • HeadSpace – A digital meditation tool used by both Ari and Chris

Reviews, Comments and Questions:

  •          01:47 – Question – “Hi Ari—First of all, of course, I want to say that I love the show. I’ve been trying to find a service the aggregates the best Tweets from my Twitter feed into an email so that I can still get a bunch of great information out of there without actually having to go into Twitter and look through a bunch of other stuff. If you know of anything like that out there, please let me know. Thanks!” – Juan Caicedo
  •          02:12 – Answer from Ari


  •          Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird
  •          Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi