Podcast #109 with Chris Ducker of The New Business Podcast

Episode 109 Summary:

In Episode #109, Ari shares the Less Doing podcast with Master outsourcer Chris Ducker of The New Business Project. During their conversation, these two outsourcing gurus share their respective histories, commonly held beliefs and fun anecdotes about some of their strangest encounters with the world of outsourcing.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

21:55 – Introduction of Chris Ducker of The New Business Podcast 22:28 – Chris has been inside the outsourcing industry for so long he can’t actually remember the first thing he ever outsourced 23:30 – Chris still runs a 300 person call center in the Philippines in conjunction with everything else he does 24:00 – Ari recalls his first outsourcing experience 24:30 – Time consuming, repetitive, low-level tasks that are the foundation of outsourcing 26:29 – Is there a geographic shift or pattern for outsourcing? 27:28 – Reference to The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferris 27:50 – VirtualStaffFinder.com 28:20 – Eastern Europe is the current hotbed for developers 30:00 – Hire and work with a virtual assistant at least once 30:40 – Three Lists to Freedom 31:20 – Always hire for the role not for the one, specific task 32:05 – Time is the most valuable commodity as an entrepreneur 32:25 – The definition of success is NOT “working your ass off” 33:00 – Can you afford not to find the time to train someone else to do your outsource-able tasks? 34:27 – 95% of the things you do on a daily basis can be done by other people or other things – It’s the5% that makes you unique 34:55 – Chris defines the some of the more unusual things he’s outsourced 39:45 – The outsourcing of legal work 40:33 – Accept that the outsourced employee does not have to be in the same office, let alone the same country 42:00 – Businesses are finally starting to realize they are not bound by geographical limitations 42:40 – There’s less and less that requires a human…automation is booming and will only continue to grow 43:50 – Chris reflects on the notion of a 4-hour work week and then describes his normal work week 47:07 – 95% of the time Chris works from home 47:24 – Chris only works Monday through Thursday, 20 hours a week total; but it WAS NOT always like that 48:25 – Up until 2009, Chris was the typical stressed out, overworked 96 hour a week entrepreneur 49:10 – The ultimate goal is to start working on your business rather than working init 49:40 – Chris’ Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective 49:53 – Schedule EVERYTHING 50:21 – Ask yourself: can someone else do this for me? 51:20 – Do not forget to have fun 52:25 – ChrisDucker.com or @ChrisDucker 7 Key Points:

If it’s time-consuming, repetitive and low-level, you should not be doing it! Hire and work with a virtual assistant at least once in your career Time is the most valuable commodity of the entrepreneur 95% of your daily task can be done by someone else or by something else Work ON your business rather than working IN your business Organization and scheduling are immensely important Always, always, always ask yourself – can someone else do this for me? Resources Mentioned:

Best Books, Under 100 Pages – The best books under 100 pages that ever guy (or gal) should read Pantelligent – A Kickstarter for a smart frying pan that connects to the iPhone to perfectly cook everything Alfred – A service designed to automate the running of errands, not unlike TaskRabbit in a lot of ways Birth Season and Mood – A science daily article that discusses the correlation between birth season and mood later in life Eat This Much – A web-based service designed to help people plan and schedule their dietary habits to meet specific goals Less.Mail – A new concept from Robin Labs designed to be the best email assistant on the market; Described by some as Siri on steroids Fermented Vegetables – A book which doubles as a do-it-yourself guide that makes fermenting your own vegetables fast and easy Fountain – Fountain connects highly rated experts in various fields who can help provide insight on specific projects via a 1-on-1 video chat or a text exchange with photos and annotations Calendars 5 – A fresh take on the smart calendar and task manager that runs on iOS devices, complete with Google Calendar Sync Credits:

Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi