Podcast #112 with Dean Jackson Of I Love Marketing


Episode 112


In Episode #112 Ari chats with Dean Jackson of the I Love Marketing podcast. During their conversation, Ari and Dean clearly define methods and strategies designed to help people become more effective in all aspects of life, not just marketing. Ari asks Dean about the secrets to his success, as well as the story behind the 9-Word Email, 90-Minute Book and living a friction-free life.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

22:48 – Introduction of Dean Jackson of the I Love Marketing podcast 23:23 – How I Love Marketing came to be 25:35 – Are you working efficiently or being lazy?—It’s all about how you frame it 25:57 – The 9-Word Email 27:35 – Dean shares an example of the 9 Word Email 28:43 – Resist the temptation to over-contribute to an email 29:47 – Think like a chessmaster; know where the conversation will be 3 moves from now 30:20 – Dean describes his 80/20 marketing approach 31:33 – Focusing on content and building relationships is fundamental to marketing success 31:40 – Ari discusses the importance of good copywriting versus bad copywriting 32:15 – Good copywriting gets to the soul of the reader 32:35 – Pick your target audience; who do you want to be a hero to? 32:50 – What would be a dream come true to your client? 33:30 – Focus on being able to drive a result for people 34:00 – “The only two things that matter in business are marketing and innovation; everything else is an expense” – Peter Drucker 34:50 – Even if you don’t like marketing, if you like people and you commit to getting results for them, the marketing will take care of itself 35:40 – The offer is the most important element of any marketing campaign; it’s all about the what not the how 36:40 – The 90-Minute Book 37:55 – A killer title that communicates a benefit to the audience is the keystone to the book’s success; the title is the value proposition 40:38 – Everybody is comfortable brainstorming 41:10 – People who’ve never done much outsourcing, delegation or automation tend to go too deep, too quickly 42:25 – How did the friction-free lifestyle come about? 44:00 – Dean shares one example of how he eliminated a source of friction 46:40 – Ari’s general rules for finding a better way: If he does it more than twice If it takes more than five minutes If he does not like doing it 47:40 – What are your Top 3 Personal Tips for Being More Effective? 48:11 – Do you have clarity? Define what you want to do or accomplish 48:40 – Do you have the right energy? Change your sleeping habits, improve your diet, do whatever it takes to get the energy to accomplish your goals 49:03 – Focus. Cut out the distractions and the reactive activators 49:52 – ILoveMarketing.com

7 Key Points:

Avoiding being overly wordy—Keep emails, phone calls, etc. concise and to the point. Good content and successful relationship building are key to marketing success. Clearly define your target audience. Discover who you want to be a hero to. “The only two things that matter in business are marketing and innovation; everything else is an expense.” – Peter Drucker The offer is the most important part of a marketing strategy; it’s about the what not the how. Find a better way if a task takes longer than 5 minutes, you have to do it more than once or you simply do not enjoy performing it. Find how to maximize your personal clarity, energy and focus—Improved effectiveness and, ultimately success, will follow.

Resources Mentioned:

PillPack – A digital pharmacy that goes above and beyond in helping people stay on top of their prescription medication LikeAGlove – A smart-garment that will perfectly measure your body for online shopping TunityApp – Allows people to scan any TV and listen in real time so you can hear the TV in your headphones #Homescreen – An iPhone app that is designed to help people share their homescreens, get new app ideas, etc. DeclareTask – A web app that helps users be accountable for the daily tasks and goals (microgoals) they want to accomplish VideoBlocks – A subscription based site that allows for unlimited stock footage downloads 7 Best Foods You Can Eat – An article on Mircola that highlights the seven best foods anyone can eat Upset Stomach? – 9 Homemade remedies to help relive an upset or cramping stomach MisterBrightLight – A smart standing desk that lights up when it’s time to get off your backside


Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi