Podcast #114 with Mark Alexander Of ARX fit


In Episode #114 Ari interviews Mark Alexander, CEO of ARX Fit the company behind a new, eCentric-focused fitness technology. During their conversation, Ari and Mark discuss in great detail the science and tech behindARX as well as the common oversights of entrepreneurs entrenched in the day-to-day of their business.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  •          23:04 – Introduction of Mark Alexander, CEO of AXR Fit podcast
  •          23:41 – Mark defines ARX as an abbreviation and as a company
  •          24:00 – Man vs Machine; the machine is always going to be stronger
  •          25:08 – eCentric training defined
  •          25:38 – The bang for the buck in exercise comes from the eCentric motion
  •          27:33 – ARX mirrors force-output capability all of the time
  •          28:37 – The technology follows high-intensity training principles
  •          30:25 – Though it may not seem like it, explosive training is possible with ARX
  •          32:25 – Visualization and actual physical practice of an activity can have similarly positive results
  •          33:00 – Safety and the ARX
  •          33:55 – The technology isn’t just for strength training; it’s also for rehab and stretching
  •          35:35 – Resistance is created with the ARX via a pulling force
  •          36:34 – The prescribed workout for ARX is…
  •          38:05  -- The R&D process has taken several years…getting to a scaled production run was no easy task
  •          39:00 – Mark defines his current ARX workout
  •          42:00 – The ARX Omni is officially launching in January 2015
  •          44:05 – What are your Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective?
    • 44:29 – Value and respect time
    • 45:05 – Surround yourself with the right people
    • 45:52 – Take care of your health; mental, physical and spiritual
  •          46:41 – ARXFit.com

7 Key Points:

  1.        eCentric training is the most efficient and effective way to train.
  2.        Visualization and actual physical practice of an activity can have similarly positive results.
  3.        The ARX is for strength training, rehabilitation and stretching.
  4.        Research and development for a product is not an overnight process, it can take years; stay committed.
  5.        Value, respect and take advantage of your time – Love thy calendar.
  6.        Set aside time every day to accomplish the tasks only you can accomplish.
  7.        Always keep an eye on your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Resources Mentioned:

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  • Less Doing Live Event – The Less Doing LIVE event in NYC is less than six months away!
  • Calvin App – A collaborative to-do list for making plans; Those interested in testing the Beta version of Calvin app, please contact nick@calvinapp.com
  • Hush – A Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first smart earplug
  • Calltag – An app that allows users to notify their contacts why they’re calling
  • The Happy Home – $10 per month in-home maintenance
  • Satellite Eyes – A Mac app that automatically changes desktop wallpaper to the satellite view of where the computer is located
  • MyKickback – A service that automates sending refunds through FedEx and UPS
  • USB Necklace – TechCrunch article about the USB DriveBy, a device that can exploit and hijack computers
  • Time-Restricted Feeding – An article on Cell.com that talks about the benefits of eating within a restricted time-window
  • ARX Fit – The manufacturer and seller of computer-controlled, motorized resistance equipment for strength training


  •          Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird
  •          Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi