Podcast #121 with Laura Coe of Emotional Obesity


Episode 121


In Episode #121Ari shares the mic with Laura Coe of Emotional Obesity, the very first workout and fitness system for the soul. During the interview, Ari and Laura define the risks of “emotional obesity” while talking about the importance of remaining in-tune with personal goals and objectives.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 18:20 – Introduction of Laura Coe
  • 18:38 – How Laura arrived at the decision to write Emotional Obesity
    • 21:27 – When it comes our  emotional health, we don’t really do anything stay in emotional shape…we push through our feelings and passions
    • 21:25 – Recognizing and connecting with your authentic-self is instrumental for personal well-being
  • 22:24 – When it comes to productivity, the #1 complaint of Ari’s clients is a sense of feeling overwhelmed…a lack of self-awareness (connecting to the authentic-self) is a huge component of this feeling
  • 24:14 – Laura defines “junk-food thoughts”
    • 24:47 – What are the thoughts that you use to wind yourself up in those moments of feeling stressed?—Identify them and then work to eliminate them
  • 26:05 – Understand that being more self-aware can bring previously suppressed problems to the surface; this is OK
  • 28:09 – Breaking down the nuances of “emotional fitness”
    • 28:46 – Find the default excuses used to create a gilded-cage and shatter them
    • 29:21 – Create an increasingly rigorous emotional workout that focuses on the creation of a positive, fear-conquering mindset
    • 32:39 – Find the origin of feelings: are they coming from a place of your purpose, goals and vision or are the coming from externalities?
  • 33:10 – How finding “emotional fitness” has impacted Laura’s work directly
  • 36:00 – Laura Coe’s Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective:
    • 36:13 – Get clear on where your goals are coming from
    • 37:05 – Implement great habits
    • 37:34 – Take a proactive approach to daily tasks and routines

7 Key Points:

  1. We spend far too much time focusing on the physical aspects of our heath; devote some time to the emotional aspects.
  2. Connect with your authentic-self.
  3. Most people feel overwhelmed because they lack impactful self-awareness.
  4. Eliminate “junk food thoughts.”
  5. Challenge yourself with emotional workouts.
  6. Clearly identify the origins of your feelings to classify the weight they should have on influencing day-to-day decision making.
  7. Implement great habits by taking a proactive approach to daily tasks and routines.

Resources Mentioned:

  • HeadSpace – An app to help novices discover the power of meditation…Meditation for Dummies
  • StressDoctor – From Azumio, this app helps users lower their stress levels by tracking biometric markers
  • GymSurfing – An app that enables fitness fanatics and frequent travelers to find gyms offering single-day passes
  • Space Heater – Wall-outlet space heater by Hammacher Schlemmer
  • Rise – One on one nutrition coaching using an app as an interface
  • Loggr – Allows users to “graph” every aspect of their life
  • Habit List – Similar to Loggr, this app helps people map their habits in order to promote the good and eliminate the bad
  • Breeze – Made by RunKeeper, an app that tracks daily routines to improve user awareness
  • Withings Pulse – A FitBit like tool but with far more comprehensive measurements like VO2 levels and heart rate
  • Better – A learning company designed to help business entities convert their tired training materials into helpful, educational online cou