Podcast #122 with Alan Cash of Terra Biological


Episode 122


In Episode #122 Ari shares his podcast with Alan Cash of Terra Biological, maker of Oxaloacetate-based health supplements like benaGene and CRONaxal. During their conversation, Ari and Alan talk about the importance of Caloric Restriction and the potential health benefits associated with Oxaloacetate.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 19:10 – Introduction of Alan Cash, founder and CEO of Terra Biological
  • 19:43 – Alan speaks of the origins of Terra Biological
    • 20:35 – Caloric restriction (over a lifetime) is key to increased longevity and day-to-day energy
    • 23:55 – Too often in medicine we look for the symptoms rather than the cause
  • 24:55 – NAD+, NADH and the NAD+ to NADH ratio
  • 30:41 – In animal trials, reducing calorie intake changed the expression of genes by about 10%
    • 30:57 – The DNA of the animals does not change, but the way in which the DNA turns on and turns off specific genes does change in response to the environment
  • 31:58 – Cognitive markers and Oxaloacetate
  • 35:00 – For serious athletes Oxaloacetate can help convert lactic acid into useable glucose for energy
  • 36:10 – Oxaloacetate has been shown to increase muscular endurance by 10%
    • 36:49 – This application has important consequences for wide group of people, not just athletes
  • 37:00 – The side effects of Oxaloacetate …is there a downside?
    • 37:35 – Oxaloacetate has received an “orphan drug” classification from the FDA
  • 38:40 – Benagene is the nutritional supplement version of Oxaloacetate
  • 39:40 – Oxaloacetate under the brand name Cronaxal can be used as a “medical food” to treat Glial tumors.
  • 41:59 – benaGene.com or cronaxal.com

3 Key Points:

  1. There is an impressive correlation between caloric restriction and increase lifespan.
  2. Too often medicine focuses on the symptoms rather than the cause.
  3. The way in which environmental factors activate or deactivate specific genes is instrumental in predicting human health.

Resources Mentioned:

  • ExitStrategy – An app for the NYC subway system to help people make their subway usage far more efficient
  • Bulletproof Drinking – An article on Bulletproof outlining a strategy for an optimal drinking habit (Bulletproof does not recommend drinking to begin with, but if one is going to consume alcohol, this is how they suggest it’s done.)
  • Wakie – A human network of alarm clocks. Literally.
  • VitaStiq – An Indigogo campaign for an accu-pressure pen that can allows people to determine their vitamin levels
  • Ari and ARX Fit – Enjoy watching Ari get crushed doing an ARX Fit workout at around the 42:00 minute mark!
  • 10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has to Be – An article from Thought Catalogue
  • Oxaloacetate – A natural human metabolite that has some fascinating nutropic and biological benefits
  • benaGene – An anti-aging nutritional supplement featuring the natural power of Oxaloacetate
  • CRONaxal – A Medical Food for the dietary management of Glial Tumors

Reviews, Comments and Questions:

  1. Review – from Chris P. – “I love this podcast for its continued reminders that life has to be LIVED. Great concepts, tools and ideas to live your life and not worry about things that don’t matter.


  •          Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird
  •          Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi