Podcast #124 with Andrew Hill of truBrain


Episode 124Summary:

In Episode #124 Ari sits down with Dr. Andrew Hill, the Lead Neuroscientist at truBrain. During their conversation, Ari and Dr. Hill discuss the secrets behind nootropics at-length, including what makes them “go” and why they’re so effective when it comes to helping people maximize their mind.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

31:15 – Introduction of Dr. Andrew Hill, Lead Neuroscientist at truBrain 31:32 – What inspired Dr. Hill’s passion for nootropics 33:40 – How Dr. Hill joined truBrain 34:10 – Debunking some of the Limitless myths surrounding nootropics 35:25 – Nootropics don’t give users a “high” but they do allow people to stay focused for longer periods of time 36:10 – The numbers behind truBrain 41:00 – Nootropics are not habit-forming; they do not produce tolerance, addiction, etc. 41:55 – [Nootropics] won’t turn an idiot into a genius, but if that information is somewhere inside you they may help get it out. 42:40 – Verbal fluency and nootropics 43:40 – L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that produces a calming effect 44:48 – Even in the absence of tobacco, nicotine is still slightly carcinogenic 45:28 – The ingredients within truBrain 45:40 – The “-racetam Family”; chemicals synthesized from chemistry of GABA 47:50 – Piracetam has a dramatic effect on cell membrane flexibility *49:24 – Oxiracetam *50:56 – The –racetam combined with a choline source is the 1-2 punch in truBrain 49:00 – When choosing cognitive enhancers, choose things that have been around for a long time or use ingredients that are well established as “safe” 52:10 – Those with a history of stimulant abuse likely have a damaged dopamine system 54:12 – truBrain comes in a monthly pack and Dr. Hill recommends taking them every day 55:05 – Dr. Hill’s Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective 55:12 – Performance has bottlenecks, stress being the most finicky 56:26 – Shift happens—The brain is an elastic, pattern-matching machine 57:50 – SLEEP­—The easiest way to “hack” your brain is to wake up at the same time every day 59:17 – truBrain.com, alternativesbh.com and @AndrewHillPHD 7 Key Points:

If you’re always reacting, you’ll have a hard time acting. The brain has tremendous elasticity, even into old age. Nootropics won’t turn an idiot into a genius. Stick to cognitive enhancers with proven safety and effectiveness. The brain is an elastic, pattern-making machine—don’t fight it, embrace it. Personal performance can hit bottlenecks, careful management of these bottlenecks is vital to performance success. Nootropics are not habit forming.

Resources Mentioned:

http://examine.com/blog/detoxes-an-undefined-scam/?utm_content=buffer5b6eb&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer – An article about the validity of “cleansing” 11 Ways to Assess Fitness – An article offering 11 unique ways to measure ones current state of fitness Sleep Cycle Power Nap – A motion-sensitive app designed to allow people to avoid the deep-sleep cycle Replace Carbs with Cauliflower – 23 recipes from BuzzFeed where Cauliflower is used to replace carb-based foods like pizza crust and bread 12-Minute Athlete – iPhone App Ari has been using recently to stay in shape

Reviews, Comments and Questions:

05:57 – Question – From listener As – “Hi, Ari and Felix; thanks for the great podcast and the content you produce. I read your book and enjoyed it so much that I started listening to your podcast from the very beginning. Currently I am number 72.I have a wellness question for you today: my wife and I have started saving most of our carb consumption for dinner time and focus on healthy fats/proteins for breakfast and lunch. The problem is that my wife has a sluggish Gall Bladder and she has historically eaten a low-fat diet to avoid digestive problems and stomach pains. We were hoping that she would no longer have any digestive trouble with the focus on healthy fats…but she is still having trouble with all of them or some of them, [primarily in the evenings]. Can you tell me if there are any healthy fats that will not give the Gall Bladder trouble? Or if you think a person with her issues should just not use this type of diet? 07:07 – Answer from Felix and Ari 23:29 – Question – From Felix Bird – “How does one stave off the effects of caffeine to go to sleep?” 23:55 – Answer from Ari


Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi