Podcast #131 With John T Meyer of Lemonly


Episode 131


In Episode #131 Ari talks with John T Meyer of Lemonly, the creative house for some of the web’s most desirable infographics. As they discuss the origins and model of Lemonly, Ari and John also speak about productive habits, winning attitudes and strategies for measurable success in both professional and personal environments.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 32:00 – Introduction of John T Meyer, Founder and CEO of Lemonly, an infographic and design shop
  • 33:00 – Infographics aren’t just a trend—it seems as though they’re here to stay—likely due to dwindling attention spans and the proliferation of big data
  • 34:50 – John outlines his approach to developing an infographic
  • 36:30 – The Lemonly Steps to success
    • 36:35 – Inform: Is everyone on the same page
    • 36:49 – Gather all the data in its disparate forms and then normalize it in one place
    • 37:10 – Discovery: What makes this story unique? Are there changes over time?
    • 37:37 – Wireframe: No designer style but a black and white layout of what the infographic will be
    • 37:53 – Mood board
    • 38:12 – Design finally begins
    • 38:22 – Launch: How do you actually get the graphic into the world
      • 39:04 – Promotion: Rely on grassroots more than everything
  • 39:50 – Some of David’s favorite projects have involved the 9/11 Memorial museum and the MLB
  • 41:15 – John talks productivity
    • 41:28 – My 8 For the Day—The morning routine of setting 8 priorities for the day
    • 43:30 – Avoiding the rabbit hole of email
    • 44:15 – Take advantage of Slack
  • 46:35 – John has dabbled in Virtual Assistants but has not had great experience
  • 47:00 – It takes a LONG time as an entrepreneur to understand the value of your time
  • 47:55 – John is trying to incorporate reflection and meditation into his morning routine
  • 48:45 – Use an alarm clock and get your phone OUT of the bedroom
  • 49:45 – Looking to the future, John is super excited about broadening their horizons beyond infographics
    • 51:00 – On the personal side, John is looking forward to working on his writing
  • 51:30 – John’s Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective:
    • 51:56 – Choose the people around you…you’ll be more effective if you’re working near the right people
    • 52:40 – Learn how to say NO…by saying NO today, you can say YES tomorrow
    • 53:25 – Plan your day and set yourself up for success

7 Key Points:

  1. Establish a morning routine and stick to it.
  2. Systemize your approach to the day by creating a plan of attack.
  3. Stay away from the email rabbit hole and watch your productivity soar.
  4. It takes time to fully appreciate the value of your time.
  5. Embrace a creative outlet; writing, music, painting, etc.
  6. By saying NO today, you can say YES tomorrow; master the art of “no.”
  7. If success is the end goal, enlist the help of successful people to create a winning environment.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Quality Time – Android app designed to discover your smartphone habits
  • Herbal Supplements – A NYT article proving that many herbal supplement providers are selling products that do not contain what the label suggests
  • Luna Mattress – A sleep tracking mattress that can track two sleepers at once
  • NSF Certification – Voluntary supplement certification
  • Pill Pots – The world’s greatest pill box
  • Enquos – Nutrition, fitness and wellness tracking all in one place integrated into one system
  • Churchill School of Adulthood – Article from the Art of Manliness talking about the habits of Winston Churchill
  • Eero – WiFi extender for your home or business
  • Brain Hacks of Top Founders – An article that really jives with a lot of the principles of Less Doing
  • Grit – 8 Navy Seal secrets to being tougher and more resilient
  • Queen of the Night – Hilarious review in the NYT about Queen of the Night