Podcast #132 w/Dennis Mortensen of Amy



In Episode #132 Ari sits down – literally – with Dennis Mortensen of Amy, the smart personal assistant. During this in-person meeting, Dennis and Ari discuss the idea behind Amy and what makes her different as a scheduling toll. Ari and Dennis also talk about the importance distinction between doing a query and doing a job.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 27:12 – Introduction of Dennis
  • 27:45 – Dennis defines Amy as a service
  • 28:35 – Most meeting requests come in via email
  • 30:40 – Using 12,000 scheduled meetings as a baseline, Dennis and his team discovered that an average of 8.01 emails are exchanged
    • 31:55 – An average of 2.5 days are taken to schedule
  • 34:30 – Slight points of emphasis (bold, underline, etc) can dramatically impact how people reply to your meeting invitations
  • 35:10 – How Ari tested Amy in scheduling his meeting with Dennis
  • 38:00 – Some of the nifty things Amy can do
  • 38:38 – What is Amy? She is an AI-driven personal assistant
    • 39:37 – Amy is designed to be invisible software
    • 39:59 – Amy is designed to not be another query…she is designed to do the job
  • 42:20 – Amy has visibility into Google Calendar
  • 44:00 – At the end of each week, Amy will send a summary of the meetings scheduled, held, etc.
  • 45:30 – The business version of Amy will prevent internal meetings from being scheduled without an associated agenda
  • 46:20 – Amy is not capable of batch scheduling at this time because there are too many variables…but she will be down the road
  • 47:49 – There is currently a waiting list to try Amy, but people are pulled off of it every day. Amy will not be available on the open market until early summer 2015
    • 48:30 – Amy will go to market with 3 editions: free, pro and business
  • 49:16 – Dennis’ Top 3 Tips to be More Effective
    • 49:25 – Practice inbox zero
    • 50:17 – If you have a job, use a calendar
    • 52:02 – Find a way to make your office paperless
  • 54:00 – X.AI to sign up for Amy’s waiting list

7 Key Points:

  1. An average of 8 emails is exchanged and 2.5 days taken to schedule a single meeting, this is highly inefficient.
  2. Using points of emphasis strategically can radically alter how people respond to your meeting requests.
  3. Today’s market is saturated with query tools, tools that help make search more efficient but don’t do anything beyond that. Amy is built to do the job from start to finish.
  4. Looking to the future, successful software applications will need to focus on being invisible.
  5. When going to market with a brand new product, it’s important to offer a free or heavily discounted edition.
  6. Clutter is the enemy: eliminate paper and practice inbox zero.
  7. Everyone needs to use a calendar if they want to manage their time efficiently.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Learn How to Invent Anything –LittleBits online course designed to help people learn how to make something
  • Keecker – R2-D2 for home management
  • Whole Spice Macha Chai Latte – A new tea from OnIt Labs that Ari loves for a variety of reasons
  • Quote From Jeff Hayes – “If you want to add; subtract. If you want to multiply; divide.”
  • ValetAnywhere – Essentially an Uber or Lyft for parking
  • 27 Diagrams to Make Cooking Easier – StumbleUpon discovery that Ari found highly interesting
  • SignUp Sumo – For internet marketers, this will cross reference people who sign up for a mailing list with social media presence
  • Pacifica – A stress management tool that is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • WellPath – Custom wellness solutions based on an initial wellness examination
  • How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne – An Art of Manliness article discussing the best ways to improve awareness skills
  • Less Doing Interns – We need more!!! Particularly for the Live Event in May! Message Ari via lessdoing.com/Contact