Podcast #135 with Ryan Rouse of Factor 75


Episode 135 Summary:

In Episode #135 Ari shares the LessDoing Podcast with Ryan Rouse of Factor 75, a new and innovative provider of quality pre-packaged meals. During the interview, Ari talks to Ryan about his background, the science of Factor 75 and the daunting logistics behind large-scale food production and delivery.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

25:50 – Introduction of Ryan Rouse and Factor 75, the only Ari-Approved source of pre-packaged meals 26:15 – The idea for Factor 75 28:40 – Ryan’s background in financial services and sales 30:20 – Talking about the food behind Factor 75 30:35 – The first think you notice about the food?—it’s heavy 31:20 – Diet is not synonymous with healthy 32:40 – There is a Paleo tilt to Factor 75 33:28 – Ryan’s Top 3 Factor 75 recipes 34:11 – Butternut Squash Lasagna 35:45 – Bison Burger 36:38 – Pot Roast 37:20 – Factor 75 uses FedEx for deliveries outside of Chicago and delivers to most of the Midwest and East Coast 38:15 – Make no bones about it: Food delivery is a huge logistical undertaking 38:55 – To get the business started, Factor 75 had to fully commit to scalability 41:08 – Factor 75 is chef crafted 41:44 – People start out with good intentions but then life gets in the way 42:00 – In today’s world, it is not easy to make good nutritional choices 43:35 – Factor 75 operates with a clean price-point: $13.95 per meal with a $4.95 delivery fee 46:10 – In the evolution of food, convenience is paramount 46:40 – Most people who use Factor 75 aren’t doing 3-meals per day 48:27 – Ryan’s Top 3 Tips to be More Effective: 48:36 – Get real about what you want in life; understand what success means to you 49:08 – Take care of yourself 49:53 – Do not underestimate the power of deliberate thought 50:46 – Factor75.com and Ryan@Factor75.com 7 Key Points:

Don’t feel tied to any one career—take your experiences and morph them into the career you want. The terms “diet” and “healthy” are not synonymous. At the start of any business, demonstrating scalability is a huge asset. Despite your intentions, life will try and get in the way—have a backup plan. Convenience is the most important factor in determining the average diet. Practice deliberate thought. Understand what you want from life, otherwise you’ll never get it. Resources Mentioned:

Meet Leon – $4 a month for a personal motivation coach that checks-in with you, the user, everyday PulsePoint – An emergency service app specializing in the facilitation of CPR SunnLight – A light fixture that changes color and brightness in-sync with the sun Scanadu – A former IndieGoGo campaign for a medical device aiming to be the real-life equivalent of Star Trek’s Tricorder Wickr – A top-secret messenger service app for both iOS and Android smartphones Love to Talk to – A Barking Up The Wrong Tree article talking about the facilitation of talking appeal Partially Derivative – Ari’s new favorite podcast discussing beer and data Dropbox and Gmail Unite! – A Dropbox extension for Chrome that enables a user to add files directly to gmail without having to open Dropbox Tinder Automated – Need we say more?—Someone has gone and automated Tinder Credits:

Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi