Podcast #141 - With Erik Ownings of Mushin NYC

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Episode 141


In Episode #141 Ari chats with Erik Owings of Mushin NYC, a New York-based gym that specializes in mixed martial arts fitness and training. In this interview Ari shares his personal history with Brazilian jujitsu while asking Erik about nutrition, mixed martial arts and entrepreneurship.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

15:04 – Introduction of Erik Owings of Mushin and Effectus 17:35 – Erik doesn’t enjoy the fighting of mixed martial arts, but he does love the lifestyle and training 18:55 – Brazilian jujitsu is an art of control, not submission 19:58 – There are 4 subsets of jujitsu that are all distinctly different 21:35 – Brazilian jujitsu conquers two fears -Getting really close to your opponent -Fighting from your back 24:00 – The best part of Brazilian jujitsu?—At no point should one be vulnerable 24:35 – There is no better workout than a boxing workout 25:30 – The adrenal dump in professional fighting is incomparable to any other sport 26:30 – A lot of people expend 50% of their energy before the fight begins because of the anticipation 27:45 – Erik explains how he knows so much about nutrition 28:10 – Look for consistency in the information you read and use common sense 29:15 – It took Erik nearly 18 years to fully grasp good nutrition – His goal is to pass it along to the passes quickly and effectively 30:40 – If someone has a proper diet, dietary supplements become unnecessary 32:10 – EffectusNutrition.com 32:50 – The easiest way to lose weight? – Eliminate the BAD FOODS! 33:20 – Effectus’ 3 main supplements 35:52 – Erik talks multivitamins 37:25 – Erik talks about digestive enzymes 38:15 – The paradox of choice hinders people when it comes to supplement selection 39:18 – Erik’s Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective: 39:28 – Have a goal 39:36 – Make a plan, then simplify it 39:52 – Execute the plan 41:50 – EffectusNutrition.com 42:00 – Use coupon code “ARI” to get a 20% discount

7 Key Points:

1. Life, like Brazilian jujitsu, is about control not submission. 2. It takes time – sometimes decades – and intense passion to remotely master any subject so do not quit. 3. There is no better workout than a boxer’s workout. 4. Want to improve your health in the easiest way possible?—Focus on eliminating the bad foods. 5. Beware the paradox of choice. 6. Reduce any plan to its simplest form in order to maximize the likelihood of success. 7. Practicing strong and healthy dietary habits can essentially eliminate the need for supplements.

Resources Mentioned:

-Why Men Like Big Butts – Yes, there is a SCIENTIFIC reason behind why men like big butts! -Dressing for House of Cards – An article discussing an algorithm that helps people achieve the same looks as their favorite TV shows like House of Cards -Send Letterly – Yet another service that allows users to send hand-written letters or cards, digitally -Make YOU Happy – The 5 daily rituals that will make YOU happy from Barking up the Wrong Tree -Dream Cheaper – A web-based service designed to make hotel reservations cheaper, EVEN if they’ve already been booked -SpritzInc – A speed-reading service that WORKS -The Brain and Sugar – An article explaining the benefits of cutting sugar from your diet -Money and Messenger – Facebook’s answer to square cash à Money transfers via Facebook’s messanger


Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi