Episode #142 - With Dave Rael of Optimized Programmer


Episode 142 Summary:

In Episode #142 Air jump on the podcast with the one, the only, THE Dave Rael of Optimized Programmer! During this episode, Ari revisits the early days of the podcast by conducting a solo “links” segment and asks Dave to talk in-depth about his brand new podcast automation software. Special Announcements:

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EO Vancouver On June 18th, join Ari at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in b-e-a-utiful Vancouver, B.C. as he takes the microphone for EO Vancouver. Enjoy this unique opportunity to watch Ari candidly discuss life as an Author, Speaker, Teacher and – most importantly – Achievement Architect.

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14:58 – Introduction of Dave Rael as a first-time guest on the Less Doing Podcast and his new product Podcast Done! 15:55 – Dave shares his background—his plan to become a teacher unexpectedly brought him to enterprise software development 17:59 – Ari and Dave chat about the various aspects of podcast development 20:35 – Audio development and quality aside, a blog post or show notes should complement a podcast 22:29 – What Dave’s software looks like                                                                                                                                   22:35 – Web-based 22:50 – Background process with no user-interface 23:05 – The initial user-interface is just a cloud-storage folder 23:50 – Why Dave feels there is a great deal of room to optimize time-stamping processes 24:20 – Dave details different aspects of Podcast Done! 26:15 – Making a better podcast means making a better workflow to development 27:15 –Dave’s software, will send notification emails for anything that cannot be automated (requires a human) 28:45 – It doesn’t all need to be automation; where human intervention is necessary there’s room for it 29:50 – Phase 1 of Dave’s system is setting up user-preferences as a podcaster 30:03 – Phase 2 is actually setting up the individual podcast 31:35 – From the main root folder, Dave’s software will set up separate root directories for each individual podcast 33:20 – What is the definition of “podcast?”—Is it really just audio? 34:25 – Dave will be talking about podcast automation at the Less Doing Live Event and the software WILL be available 35:00 – Dave’s Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:                                                                                                                       35:10 – Upgrade your hardware 35:50 – Work in a focused manner 36:40 – Listen to the Less Doing Podcast

7 Key Points:

A specific degree does not equate to a specific career. An intended career path can change in a heartbeat. Don’t be restrict yourself to existing definitions—bend the rules and get outside the box. Automation is amazing but if you’ll make a better product by including some human intervention, make room for it! Podcast production is tricky, don’t take it for granted as a listener. Work focused and success will follow. Practice the principles of Less Doing in your daily life.

Resources Mentioned:

Send Letterly – Yet another service that allows users to send hand-written letters or cards, digitally TalkToChef – On demand knowledge service to help users with cooking 11 Ways Dogs Make You Healthier – An article explaining why dogs are legitimately beneficial to health 8 Things to Avoid on Food Labels – From Miercola, an article highlighting some of the most awful things added to everyday foods Paying For Phone Calls, etc. – Named Orri, this is a new, on-demand assistance model provided by the same people that run Fancy Hands Indoor Air Monitor – An indoor air quality monitor named Speck Guide to Nuts – From Mark’s Daily Apple, an article discussing which nuts pack the most punch for individual health needs Scannable – A separate app that is simply the fastest way to scan a document into Evernote Gorgias.IO – Email templates for Gmail Flytographer –  A professional photographer for personal use while travelling


Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi