Episode #147 with Christy Paul of Talk Space


In Episode #147 with Christy Paul of Talk Space, an online platform for therapy. During the final pre-Live Event episode, Ari and Christy talk about unfair stigmas, the benefits of therapy in the digital space and the future of mental health.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

26:36 – Introduction of Christy Paul of Talk Space 27:02 – What Talk Space is 27:50 – Christy describes her specific role 28:45 – Therapy has a really unfair stigma in our society 29:38 – When the story has to be written, there is a great-deal of self-checking 30:45 – Writing down the story also allows for personal and tangible progression tracking 33:10 – Visiting a therapist in-person can be really, really frustrating, particularly when there are weeks between conversations 35:20 – Sometimes therapy is most-beneficial when it is asynchronous 35:58 – Properly processing feedback from a therapist is exceedingly challenging when constricted to the timeline of a single 45-minute meeting 37:21 – From the therapist point of view, this is a very exciting new way to dynamically engage with clients from all over the world 39:25 – A lot of people seeking counselling on Talk Space are doing so because they are embarrassed or nervous to go into face-to-face therapy 41:45 – Wherever Christy is, she can converse with her clients and help them as it’s needed 42:40 – Compared to regular therapy, Talk Space is incredibly cost-effective 43:40 – The monthly Talk Space subscriptions cost $99 45:30 – Members of Talk Space need to be at least 18 years old 47:59 – Christy’s Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective: 48:32 – Recognize what your purpose is and live it out 49:02 – We are a culture of “me” and if you live your live only trying to serve yourself you will be unhappy 50:35 – No matter the circumstances, find a way to be happy 51:45 – TalkSpace.com

7 Key Points:

Bad things happen to everyone—Find a way to be happy and move forward. Therapy can be an intimidating experience, particularly when it is a face-to-face encounter—Digital platforms (like Talk Space) can help patients be more open and forthcoming. Compartmentalizing mental health can be really counter-productive. Therapy and counseling have brutally unfair stigmas in our society—If you feel like you need help, don’t be afraid to contact professional therapists for a conversation. Digital resources are becoming widely-used in the health space. Writing down thoughts, feelings and ideas allows for accountability. The most beneficial therapy can be asynchronous.

Resources Mentioned:

How to Hard Boil Eggs En Mass – An article from food 52 offering people a helpful strategy for hard-boiling large numbers of eggs Matcha Green Tea – A new take on green tea The Secret to Never Being Frustrated Again – From Barking Up the Wrong Tree, an article to help people combat their frustration Get Kumu – Personal wellness coaching for personal wellness goals Credit Card Miles – An article from Racked on people who know how to game the credit card points system 25 Ways to Improve Insulin Sensitivity – An article from Mark’s Daily Apple with tips and tricks to help people dominate their insulin Hero Keyboard – A new and improved way for typing with increased speed Self-Control and Freedom – Being able to hear “no” and say “no” is highly important, so much so that self-control IS freedom


Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi