Episode #157 with Dan Peña of Ask the 50 Billion Dollar Man

Summary: In Episode #157 of the Less Doing podcast, Ari is joined by Dan Peña of Ask the 50 Billion Dollar Man. Follow along as Dan outlines his dos and don’ts of business, from the importance of long hours at the office to having the right attitude to achieve success. Listeners beware—Dan loves himself an expletive or two so those with sensitive ears may want to skip this episode.

Special Announcements:

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 11:25 – Introduction of Dan Peña of Ask the 50 Billion Dollar Man
  • 12:00 – Explaining the origins of “The 50 Billion Dollar Man
    • 13:30 — $50 billion is the value/money Dan has created for others
  • 14:10 – Dan’s model is to pull as many people across the goal line as possible
  • 14:30 – Everybody wants wealth, but not everybody wants notoriety
  • 15:32 – Quantum Leap Advantage: QLA
  • 18:00 – Dan does between 2 and 6 retreats per year
  • 18:40 – Homework is an important part of improvement and success
  • 18:50 – Nothing will drain your energy like negative emotion
  • 19:37 – Dan started with no money…$820 dollars
  • 20:30 – High-performance people have a lot of energy
  • 20:39 – Motivation gets you started, good habits keep you going
  • 21:00 – “You may not like Donald Trump but he is a high-performance guy…he doesn’t go to the Super Bowl, he doesn’t hang out at sports bars”
  • 22:22 – It’s easier now than ever to conduct business thanks to the internet…you can cover WAY more ground
  • 23:28 – How Dan turned $832 into a career
  • 23:55 – Look for a need and try and fill it…if you can’t be first you have to be different
  • 24:19 – If you ever want to do business with someone who overpays, do business with government
  • 26:05 – His first year in the refinery business, Dan did $50 million in revenue with one employee (himself), a leased fax machine and a phone
  • 26:28 – Use your leverage
  • 27:04 – Go to where the market is hot
  • 28:45 – Most young people wouldn’t know a good deal if it kicked them in the balls
  • 29:25 – Go for it when you’re young…you have the energy…work the 20 hour day
  • 29:54 – The most successful people in our society – Buffet, Branson, Gates, Trump, etc. – None of them are 4-hour work week people…they’re 14, 15, 20 hour WORKDAY people
  • 30:54 – Different perspectives and ideas will keep you sharp and young
  • 32:10 – Dan openly tells people to rip his material via TOR
  • 33:12 – Sometimes you need to be willing to say: if you can’t figure it out yourself, fuck you.
  • 33:30 – Dan defines his morning routine
  • 33:55 – Be awake for at least 90 minutes before you need to interact with people
  • 34:16 – Dan takes between 150 and 180 pills a day
  • 36:56 – Dan’s Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:
    • 37:18 – Just fucking do it
    • 37:24 – Look to do business with a government entity—they’re sloppy and leave profit margin on the table
    • 38:30 – Find a mentor and leverage off their experience…make sure you have more in common with them than just business

7 Key Points:

  1. Just…Fucking…DO IT!
  2. Nothing saps energy like negative emotion.
  3. Motivation gets you started, good habits keep you going.
  4. Look for a need and try and fill it…if you can’t be first you have to be different.
  5. The most successful members of our society have a 12-hour workday, minimum.
  6. Take complete advantage of your leverage, whatever it may be.
  7. If you’re looking to make money in a business venture, do business with government.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Genie – The Keurig coffee pod concept but for food…seriously
  • Fit Men Cook – A new app that catalogues unique recipes, calories consumed, etc.
  • Bablic – A website app that will automatically translate your website into any language you want automatically
  • 5 Steps to Hack & Heal Female Sexual Desire – An article that discusses all of the unexpected things that kill female sexual desire
  • Dufl – Takes the hassle out of bringing clothes with you when you’re travelling
  • TransLoader – Time saving app that allows users to download large things (.ZIP files, etc.) directly from their iPhone to their Mac
  • TrackR – A Chrome plug-in that will catalogue how much time you spend on each website in a graph
  • Chili Pad – A dual-zone mattress topper that allows for custom sleep temperature adjustment