Podcast #162 With Dr. Jeff Spencer of The Champion’s Blueprint

Dr Jeff Spencer of The Champion’s Blueprint

Episode 162


In Episode #162 Ari interviews Jeff Spencer of The Champion’s Blueprint. During the episode, Ari and Jeff discuss the secrets to success in all aspects of life and highlight the unheralded importance of a good cornerman.

Special Announcements:

Fuel the Fire

Come watch Ari light-up the Drake Hotel in Chicago on Wednesday, August 5th as he delivers a rousing keynote speech for IPPA Business Excellence Conference: Fuel the Fire. This will be a great opportunity to watch Ari translate the lessons of Less Doing into terms business leaders can take to the bank.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

11:39 – Introduction of Dr. Jeff Spencer of The Champion’s Blueprint

13:27 – The less assuming tend to win in life

14:49 – In life or in sports, everyone needs a body that can perform

15:42 – Everyone needs a cornerman

16:37 – There are 9 areas of life

16:55 – The person with the most technical skill is not the champion—the champ is the person who’s ready for the 3-5 pivotal moments

18:26 – Identify the real obstacles standing in your way

19:14 – The punch you need to fear is the one you never see coming

20:29 – History does not lie—it’s an amazing reference point and predictor of the future

20:44 – Most people fail to prepare

21:49 – How a cornerman is different from a coach

23:00 – One good cornerman is better than 10 coaches

25:40 – Jeff’s original cornerman

27:13 – “My mentors saved my life”

27:28 – “You can’t win alone, it’s impossible”

30:00 – Sports are a great metaphor for life

31:20 – Success has less to do with the small details and more to do with having all the elements in the equation moving harmoniously

32:13 – Jeff’s Top 3 Tips to be More Effective

32:24 – Will and talent cannot save you

33:11 – Find a cornerman and hold on to him

33:42 – No one wins alone

34:28 — www.DrJeffSpencer.com

7 Key Points:

Having a high-performance body is not just important for athletes, it’s important for everyone.

Everyone needs a cornerman.

Don’t go it alone—in life, business, sports, anywhere.

Always prepare for the 3-5 pivotal moments that determine success.

Know thy history, love thy history.

Understand that sports are a wonderful metaphor for life.

If you want to be successful, building a blueprint isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity.

Resources Mentioned:

The Human Charger – A device designed to help people defeat the adverse effects of jet-lag (promotion code: LESS10HC)

Pycnogenol – French maritime pine bark extract…one of the richest sources of antioxidants

Movement and Circadian Rhythms – An NYT Blog discussing the role movement plays on circadian rhythms

WordZen – Gmail plug-in that allows for more effective emailing

Front App – Shared email and SMS inbox for teams.

Ikea Hack – A standing desk that can be built from $22 worth of supplies available at Ikea

Thync – A “thinking” headband designed to directly improve moods and energy

Doorman – A service-based app designed for people without a doorman


Audio Engineering provided by Chris Mottram

Original Music provided by Felix Bird

Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi

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