Episode #194 with Mick Vardy of The Productivityist


In Episode #194 Ari interviews Mick Vardy of The Productivityist. Listen as Ari and Mick talk about the value the productive space, and how developing a personal methodology for productivity can help individuals harness tools instead of letting productivity tools control them.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:01 – Introduction to today’s show with Mick Vardy
  • 02:30 – Links
  • 12:02 – Less Doing Boot Camp
  • 13:43 – Speaking with Mick Vardy
  • 14:02 – Mick’s background in productivity education
  • 15:37 – First steps in becoming more productive
  • 17:34 – GTD Principals
  • 19:53 – The people of GTD
  • 20:54 – Being productive vs. doing productive
  • 21:47 – The approach is more important than the app or tool. “Men can become the tools of their tools”
  • 23:14 – What aspects of productivity planning work well
  • 24:33 – Put personal back in productivity
  • 25:51 – Sanebox and other email organizers
  • 27:04 – Unroll Me
  • 27:52 – Productivity maintenance vs. growth
  • 28:41 – Mick’s daily routines
  • 31:21 – Daily themes
  • 31:53 – Advice to be more productive
    • 31:55- Have a simple morning and evening routine
    • 32:15 – Write journal entries
    • 32:34 – Work by mode

 3 Key Points:

  1. There is a psychology to productivity—without the psychology, it can’t work.
  2. Don’t let your tools take you over.
  3. Develop a routine and stick to it—the benefits will be massive.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Pavlok Wristband  Pavlok Wristband’s safe electronic stimulus helps relieve users of bad habits like smoking, overeating, and more. 
  • Tap Slash – Slash is a free keyboard for iPhone & iPad that makes it easy to share anything, without switching apps. Just tap "/" to unlock Places, GIFs, Music, Stickers, Videos, and much more.
  • Instant App – Instant tracks all your daily activities automatically so that you will be able to notice how you spend time on your smartphone.
  • Easy Swag – Easy Swag is powered by Large, a free office admin in Slack that gets your team anything hassle free.
  • Synkio Music Library – Use Synkio’s to access music professionals who will manage your music and licensing needs.
  • Startup Threads – StartupThreads is the easiest way to automatically send custom shirts and apparel to your loyal customers and fans, without having to hold inventory in your office.
  • GTD – ‘Getting Things Done’ is a productivity methodology.
  • Sanebox – SaneBox works on top of your email account. It prioritizes important emails and summarizes the rest.
  • Unroll Me – Unroll Me allows you to unsubscribe from subscriptions or combine your favorite subscriptions into one email.
  • 194MikeVardyOfProductivistInterview">Evernote – vernote keeps all your writing in one place, from notes to lengthy research.
  • The Productivityist – Mick’s productivity business that provides productivity coaching, events, and podcasts.
  • Call 1-844-i-do-less – Toll-Free number, Press “0” to speak with a Less Doing Certified Coach
  • Text DOLESS – Text DOLESS to 33733