Episode #197 with Semo Sohino of Ambronite


In Episode #197 Ari interviews Semo Sohino of Ambronite, a drinkable supermeal designed to give consumers more freedom, time and choice. Listen as Ari and Semo talk about the carefully selected ingredients in Ambronite and its nutritional benefits.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 14:02 – Introduction of Semo Sohino
  • 14:20 – Ambronite is an organic drinkable meal that’s been nutritionally optimized to fulfill dietary essentials.
  • 15:33– The product’s been extensively developed from the latest nutritional research in order to find the best overall combination for health.
  • 16:20 – Ambronite covers fatty acids, carbs, and protein among other things. It’s also vegan.
  • 17:34 – The product has found popularity with triathlon athletes and consumers who are in need of a full meal on the go.
  • 18:20 – Semo’s sent samples to the European space agency, because the product isn’t just for busy-bodies.
  • 19:34 – Interestingly, stinging nettle is included in the recipe for Ambronite because of its rich calcium content.
  • 20:24 – Lacuma, which comes from South America is included for its sweetness and nutritional value.
  • 21:08 – Nutritional yeast is included as an exceptional source of vitamin B12.
  • 21:47 – Bilberry is included in Ambronite, a potent antioxidant. 
  • 24:22 – Ambronite is named after Ambrosia, a drink from Greek myths.
  • 25:55 – Ambronite uses scientifically well-documented ingredients that are natural, which is an edge the product has over its competitors.
  • 26:55 – People have gone for weeks on Ambronite only.
  • 27:55 – Ari and Semo discuss the pros and cons of not chewing when consuming food.
  • 28:46 – The product is available at ambronite.com.

 3 Key Points:

  1. Ambronite is an organic drinkable meal that’s been nutritionally optimized to fulfill dietary essentials. It’s also vegan.
  2. The product is not just for people on-the-go, it’s also pushing the boundaries of what makes an individual efficient.
  3. Some unusual ingredients in Ambronite include stinging nettle, bilberry, and nutritional yeast for dietary purposes.

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