Episode #201 - with Max More of Alcor


In Episode #201 Ari shares the Less Doing Podcast with Max More of Alcor, a company that will put you into cold-storage—literally—through cryogenic freezing. Listen as Ari and Max talk about the scientific and philosophical challenges of cryogenics, as well as how Alcor operates as a truly “long-term” business.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 11:06 – Introduction of Max More of Alcor
  • 11:19 – What Alcor does
  • 12:40 – The process for preservation
  • 12:54 – The two main parts of the Cryonic procedure—freezing and reanimation
  • 13:42 – There is evidence that the brain is being preserved under reasonable conditions
  • 14:01 – Electron microscopes used to analyze the health of frozen animal brains
  • 14:29 – Medical grade anti-freeze
  • 14:38 – Ice Crystals damage cells but do not destroy them
  • 15:36 – Eventually, we will have a cure for aging…it’s not a question of IF but WHEN
  • 16:52 – There are two different ways to cryo-freeze someone—the head or the whole body.
  • 17:28 – If you want to survive and come back, most of the essentials are contained within the brain
  • 18:35 – The gut-brain connection and Cryo-Freezing
  • 19:30 – Creating the custom body
  • 19:55 – Why have a brain?—Why not download the brain onto a thumb drive
  • 21:14 – The business side of Alcor—they’re operating on a 100+ year timeline
    • 22:01 – Already 43 years old and is a registered 501c(3)
  • 22:22 – Given a long-enough timeline, things WILL go wrong
  • 22:40 – There is no electricity for Alcor’s cold storage, they just need fresh liquid nitrogen
  • 23:51 – Max’s Top 3 Tips to be More Effective
    • 24:07 – Maintain a good diet
    • 24:34 – Practice regular exercise
    • 25:02 – Keep stress to an absolute minimum—learn how to relax

5 Key Points:

  1. Eventually—your body will quit on you, no matter the treatment—cryogenics is the only “live-forever” option we currently have.
  2. Good Diet + Regular Exercise – Stress = A long, Happy Life.
  3. Freezing is the easy part of cryogenics—it’s reanimation that’s proving exceedingly difficult.
  4. Are you your body, or just your brain?—it’s a highly challenging philosophical question.
  5. The way biotechnology is progressing, there will undoubtedly be cures for aging in the future.

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