Special Episode #3 with Marc Goodman of Future Crimes


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Special Episode 3 Summary:

In Special Episode #3 Ari sits down with Marc Goodman, author of Future Crimes, a revolutionary new book discussing the serious vulnerabilities we often overlook in our daily lives. During the conversation, Marc explains what concerns him most about the years ahead and how technology is both a boon and bane.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

01:59 – Introduction of Marc Goodman 02:30 – Marc describes his background; he is a former NYPD and LAPD officer 03:40 – How Marc was originally selected to work on cyber-crime 06:00 – The movie Hackers is what people envision when they think of cyber-crime but it’s actually far from the truth 08:05 – “The thief is truly the artist, the policeman is only the critic” 08:55 – Most hacking is social hacking; lying, manipulating and deception 11:24 – Cybercrime was only the beginning…the future of crime is everything 12:45 – Elevators, pacemakers, cars…anything with that has computer hardware and software is hackable 14:12 – With new technologies come new challenges 16:15 – Everything in life demands a cost-benefit analysis, including new technologies 17:05 – Marc is not for the banning of any new technologies, he’s for enlightened public policy that embraces new tech while making people fully aware of the associated risks 17:45 – Drug cartels are some of the earliest adopters of new technologies 20:24 – The good guys are always playing catch up 22:15 – What scares Marc 22:40 – The misuse of synthetic, biology Industrial biology, computational biology, manufactured biology 24:10 – Man started coding silicon in 1’s and 0’s because he wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand the original operating system: DNA 26:30 – TOR—The Onion Router 26:54 – A software download that encrypts point-to-point communications 27:30 – Originally created by the US Navy 28:35 – The hidden (TOR) net comprises more than 99% of what’s actually available on the internet 29:20 – Marc Goodman’s Top 3 Tips to Be More Effective: 29:45 – Use a healthy dose of caution before going online; be smart 30:08 – Make sure you occasionally shut down your electronic devices 30:29 – Encrypt your data and use a VPN

5 Key Points:

Most illicit hacking is socially based not technology based. Anything that relies heavily upon computer software or hardware (from an airplane to a pacemaker) is, ultimately, hackable. Simply banning new or potentially dangerous technologies is counterproductive. Manufactured biology is potentially the biggest risk facing the future of mankind. The good guys are always going to be playing catch-up when it comes to broadly adopting new tech.


Music and Audio Editing provided by Felix Bird Show Notes provided by Mike Rossi