Episode #203 with Floyd Marinescu of C4 Media


In Episode #203 Ari shares the Less Doing Podcast with Floyd Marinescu, CEO and Founder of C4Media, a media company that focuses on delivering unbiased content and information in the enterprise development community, through two main platforms, InfoQ and QCon Conferences. Listen as Ari and Floyd discuss the challenges of running a company in the virtual space, and the tricks they use to make it all work.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 12:55 – Introduction of Floyd Marinescu, CEO and Founder of C4Media
  • 13:40 – At the age of 37, Floyd has only had eight months of in-office experience—he’s always worked virtually
  • 14:19 – Floyd defines what C4Media does
  • 14:45 – http://www.InfoQ.com
  • 15:03 – Floyd is based in Toronto—his company is based EVERYWHERE
  • 17:51 – Floyd’s company has yet to find a reason to pivot from Skype and Hangouts instead of Slack
    • 18:48 – Slack doesn’t support threading really well which can be a problem
  • 19:19 – Running a virtual company is all about understanding rhythm—without rhythm it doesn’t work
  • 21:23 – Make your employees actively ask the question “Am I stuck?”
  • 22:12 – When people are left alone, their productivity soars
  • 22:55 – When you’re not forced to commute, when you’re not force to interact with co-workers merely for the sake of sustaining social norms/etiquette, your energy levels and focus remain high from sunup to sundown
  • 24:24 – Floyd breaks down his day in detail
  • 26:26 – If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist
  • 28:31 – On-boarding and transparency are integral to the success of any business, not just a digital business
  • 29:50 – Be bottom-up in every respect, encourage employees to self-report
  • 33:10 – The one quality Floyd looks for in employees joining his virtual environment?—transparency and accountability
  • 33:55 – http://www.InfoQ.com

5 Key Points:

  1. Once your employees are ramped-up, give them your trust, give them autonomy.
  2. Encourage your organization to operate from the bottom-up.
  3. Transparency and accountability are the two things your employees MUST have—everything else can be taught.
  4. Never be afraid to ask yourself “Am I stuck?” and “Do I need help?”
  5. If you need your conversations stacked, don’t use Slack.

Resources Mentioned:

  • How to Bootstrap Prison – An article from Entrepreneur magazine about the savviness of the incarcerated
  • The Interest in Having Children – A questionable test comparing reactivity to porn in men, and their desire to have children
  • Beepi – A new service that makes it easier to buy and sell your car
  • CodeDesign – a plug-in for Google Chrome to help web designers
  • Mezi – Your personal shopping assistant
  • Esper – How you spend your time each week
  • OverLap – An AI scheduling assistant
  • Call 1-844-i-do-less – Toll-Free number, Press “0” to speak with a Less Doing Certified Coach
  • Text DOLESS – Text DOLESS to 33733

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