Episode #204 - With Persuasion Coach Shari Alexander


In Episode #204 Ari shares the Less Doing Podcast with speaker, writer, and coach, Shari Alexander.   Listen as Ari and Shari discuss the power of persuasion, the importance of remaining curious at heart, and why believing in someone’s values and leveraging someone’s values are not the same thing.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 21:18 – Introduction of persuasiveness coach Shari Alexander
  • 21:30 – What a persuasiveness coach does
  • 22:50 – Anybody can learn to be more persuasive—observe, connect, influence
  • 23:49 – Entrepreneurial leaders are the majority of Shari’s clients
  • 24:40 – Time, preparation, methodology
  • 26:50 – You cannot influence somebody you’re judging
  • 27:18 – Stay in a curious mindset like a scientist
  • 27:46 – You cannot influence yourself into new ideas or beliefs if you’re self-flagellating
  • 28:09 --- There is no ONE influential technique
  • 29:05 – If you have ONE mark to hit with, you need multiple techniques—if you have multiple marks, you can use ONE technique
  • 29:50 – Pay attention to the influential V.I.B.E.S. of somebody
  • 30:30 – Just because you don’t believe in someone’s values, doesn’t mean you can’t leverage them
  • 31:41 – Talking neuro-linguistic programming
  • 34:25 – Look for patterns in body language if you’re trying to determine if they’re being honest
  • 34:53 – Shari’s Top 3 Tips to be More Effective
    • 34:58 – Suspend your ego
    • 35:22 – We are all anchoring in emotional states with our behaviors//be what you want to see
    • 36:13 – Words have magical powers so pay attention to what you’re saying every day
  • 36:45 – Shari-Alexander.com

3 Key Points:

  1. Anybody can learn to be more persuasive.
  2. Stay curious—be a scientist!
  3. If you’re judging someone, you cannot influence them or yourself.

Resources Mentioned:

  • How to Bootstrap Prison – An article from Entrepreneur magazine about the savviness of the incarcerated
  • Informed Delivery – By signing up with USPS you can see what letters, packages, etc. are coming in-advance
  • Stringify – Basically IFTTT but way more complicated
  • Roger App – Basically a walkie-talkie app
  • iCliniqi – An add-in for paid-slack that basically acts as an on-demand doctor
  • Shelfie – An app for cataloguing eBooks
  • Stacktive – Like Class Pass but on-demand and cheaper
  • Chat by KeyReply – A free, crazy-easy-to-integrate app for inflowing chats into slack
  • Call 1-844-i-do-less – Toll-Free number, Press “0” to speak with a Less Doing Certified Coach
  • Text DOLESS – Text DOLESS to 33733

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