Episode #218 - with Nick and Ari


In Episode #218 Ari and Nick share a load of fascinating links, useful tools, and the latest wins and hacks from Less Doing.

Time-stamped Show Notes

  • 23:30 - Ari and Nick have created a hack that automatically generates trello cards when a client records an audio message on his phone
  • 24:50 - Created a hack to take information automatically from Stripe to Chargify
  • 26:05 - The flat rate for VA services is now $129 for 5 hours
  • 27:33 - Ari and Nick have started playing with GrowSumo to manage affiliate partnerships
  • 28:00 - Creating a hack to link Zapier to Toggl

Resources Mentioned:

  • Lydia - Pay people in Slack
  • Bintel - Pull business intelligence information into Slack chats
  • Treat Fear With a Pill - Propanolol is being prescribed to manage anxiety and phobias
  • A Bitter Pill - A fecal microbiota pill for people with chronic gut problems
  • Hubbr - Add a chat channel to a Trello board
  • Sherbit - Pull in data from 50 sources to give you actionable information
  • The DUTCH Method - An hormone test that you can do at home
  • Pomoslack - Run a Pomodoro timer in Slack
  • Baubax - A travel jacket with a built-in inflatable neck pillow and eye mask
  • Two Hour Marathon - Using sports science to break the two-hour marathon barrier
  • The Next AI Is No AI - AI is becoming more and more integrated

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