"We Don't Treat Diseases, We Support Systems" - Episode #221 - The Less Doing Podcast


In Episode #221 Ari and Nick share an interview with Dr. Anthony Beck - an expert on functional medicine and wellness who helps people to optimize the way their body works. Tune in to hear exactly why the latest health fad didn’t work for you, the 6 input factors that affect your health, and why light and love might help you to optimize your body for Iron Man.

Time-stamped Show Notes

  • 13:26 - Welcoming Dr. Anthony Beck to the show
  • 14:03 - Anthony works in functional medicine - a branch of medicine that looks at the whole body and its interconnections
  • 15:15 - A functional medicine approach supports the body’s own systems instead of treating symptoms
  • 16:43 - “We don’t treat diseases, we support systems”
  • 17:30 - What are the indicators to look for?
  • 18:40 - “You can’t expect to get well in the same environment you got sick”
  • 18:48 - Anthony looks 6 factors: food, water, air, light, sound, EMF
  • 20:45 - Focus on how you’re functioning
  • 21:50 - All consulting is done remotely
  • 22:50 - Consultations are offered online and sample kits are delivered to patients
  • 24:40 - You don’t just need to focus on data - focus on learning a patient’s story
  • 26:50 - “You don’t hear the bad stuff”
  • 28:24 - Anthony’s background is in sports medicine
  • 30:31 - Everybody’s body is different - everybody’s system is different.
  • 31:25 - People produce energy from different sorts of food - some people need carbs, some people need fats, depending on how fast they oxidize input
  • 34:32 - “You can get advice from anyone...you can only get expertise from certain people”
  • 35:05 - Anthony charges $885 for a first consultation
  • 37:54 - Sleep - Anthony gets 9 hours of sleep a night
  • 40:04 - “No one is static - the seasons are going to change how your body is fueled”
  • 42:14 - “Food is fuel and it’s information”
  • 42:45 - It takes a lot of energy to turn food into you - those things become us
  • 44:20 - There is no one-size-fits-all solution - all the possible solutions work differently for different people
  • 46:00 - Search to find what works for you
  • 46:21 - Top 3 Tips For Being More Effective
    • Get in the sunshine - we’re beings of light
    • Eat a varied diet of single-source foods
    • Love - Get your mind and emotions in order
  • 47:15 - Find out more about Anthony at his website

Key Points:

  • Get in the sunshine. Ground yourself.
  • Everyone’s body has its own story - don’t expect solutions to work equally for different people
  • We aren’t static. What used to keep you healthy might not work anymore.
  • The body’s systems are all connected. To be well, you need to support all of your body’s systems

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