“Copy what I’m doing because it WORKS” - Episode #224 - The Less Doing Podcast

In Episode #224 Ari and Nick interview Giovanni Marsico of the Archangel Academy, an annual gathering of the world's leading 'messengers'. The event is an intensive 2-day mastermind, designed for big entrepreneurs with big dreams to help the world. Listen as Giovanni shares his story, highlights how he not only built but branded his tribe, and why joining a mastermind is the single greatest thing you can do to help yourself as an entrepreneur.

Time-stamped Show Notes

  • 12:45 – Ari accidentally deleted the interview
  • 13:50 – So today, we’re getting an interview between John Bowen and Giovanni Marsico on AES Nation
  • 14:32 – Interview between John and Giovanni kicks off
  • 16:29 – Giovanni is the first employee of Strategic Coach to come back as a client.
  • 18:15 – Giovanni has generated over $100M in real estate sales
  • 18:44 – The ascension model of building a tribe
  • 21:15 – How Lady GaGa is CRUSHING it in a dying industry
    • 21:40 – Lady GaGa’s little monsters
  • 23:34 – The first thing an entrepreneur should do (if they can afford it) is join a high-end mastermind
  • 24:43 – JJ Virgin and Joe Polish
  • 26:52 – Start a movement versus selling a product
  • 27:52 – Don’t obsess over making money or making a difference—find the sweet spot
  • 28:45 – The ONLY way to get paid as an entrepreneur is to create value
  • 29:40 – Giovanni’s business model for his membership site
  • 30:57 – Don’t just build your tribe, BRAND your tribe
  • 32:43 – Discussing Giovanni’s referral strategy
  • 35:25 – Do NOT glorify being busy—build structure (including free time) into your day
  • 37:39 – You are responsible for creating your productive time.
  • 38:51 – Giovanni is a huge fan of WAZE
  • 40:26 – Archangel.club
  • 41:55 – “Copy what I’m doing because it WORKS”
  • 45:00 – Don’t chase new clients, be good to your current clients and the rest will take care of itself
  • 47:18 – Life it too hard to do it on your own—get some good friends and work together
  • 48:34 – The Pomodoro Technique

Key Points:

  1. Don’t waste your time chasing new clients—invest in giving your current clients the best experience imaginable
  1. You can do IT—whatever that it may be. It won’t always feel like it, but you most certainly can if you’re unwilling to quit or compromise.
  2. Creative time doesn’t fall out of the sky, it has to be created and scheduled with purpose.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Zungle – Magic sunglasses that let you hear music without hearing it…its sorcery!—but also cool
  • Time to Hire – Outsource sales
  • Dropbox Update – Dropbox now allows you to intelligently scan documents, create MS word docs directly in Dropbox, etc.
  • Trello and Slack – Trello NOW has its own built in integration with Slack
  • Data Deck – Spreadsheets visualized
  • GeckoBoard – Build clear, impossible to misunderstand dashboards

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