Sleeping Pills? You Don’t Need Them According to Dr. Michael Breus – The Less Doing Podcast - #245


In this episode of the Less Doing Podcast, Ari and Nick interview The Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus. Get ready to learn all about chronotypes, your true sleeping patters, and the trick to defeating those pesky cases of insomnia.  

Key Quote 

“It’s all about understanding your genetics first—otherwise you’re battling Mother Nature.” 

What You’ll Learn 

Why not all doctors are created equally. 
How to treat insomnia with behavioral techniques. 
What a chronotype is and how they are related to your sleep. 
How chronotypes orchestrate and determine your hormonal distribution cycle. 
Why the best time for sleep (and everything else) depends on your chronotype. 
The reason sleeping pills (and other drugs) aren’t really necessary for sleep. 
Why it’s difficult to sleep sitting up. 
The variability in defining “good sleep”. 
Why you need to create a consistent sleep schedule. 
How to high-five the sun every morning.