Podcast #97 with Christian Smith of Trackr


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Episode 97 Summary:

In Episode #97, Ari has an opportunity to speak with Christian Smith, Co-Founder of TrackR, a California-based startup dedicated to helping people keep track of their most valuable personal items. During the interview, Christian reveals the origins of the TrackR concept, how the company got started and how he uses TrackR in his personal life.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

14:50 – Introduction of Christian Smith 15:04 – Christian explains what Trackr is 17:22 – Range of Bluetooth technology 18:09 – The concept of using a mesh network of users to find “lost” items 19:41 – Trackr has a global audience 22:20 – Christian’s background and how Trackr came to be 24:19 – The size and battery life of a Trackr specifically mentioned 24:41 – Trackr raises $1,000,000 in a crowd-funding campaign 26:13 – Christian discusses the key traction points of their crowd-funding campaign 27:50 – Trackr has reached the status of “forever-funding” on Indie Go-Go 28:30 – Affordability of Trackr is key to its appeal 29:14 – The unusual uses for Trackr in the future 31:59 – How is Trackr working to grow the network of users? 33:22 – What is the road map for Trackr? 36:15 – More information and pre-ordering available at TheTrackr.com

7 Key Points:

TrackR is a revolutionary new way to keep track of valuables The business employs a “mesh network” or users to increase the effectiveness of TrackR devices Maximizing device range and battery life have been the two biggest obstacles to the business TrackR raised over $1,000,000 in crowd-funding and are one of the few companies to reach “forever funding” status Having key traction points is essentially to successfully crowd-fund Affordability is key to the marketability of TrackR TrackR isn’t just about keeping tabs on keys or wallets, it’s applicability is endless Resources Mentioned:

Christian Smith – The President and Co-Founder of TrackR TrackR – A Bluetooth enabled device designed to help people find lost valuables Unfair Advantage – A specially designed supplement for increased mental performance Eat Your Greens – An app designed to tell you how healthy your meal is based on the color Mood Print – A mood tracker that sends an email to users requiring them to respond with a note about their mood Track Memo – Allows users to track collaborative data across the cloud Meadow – An on-demand delivery service for medicinal marijuana Flare Down – An Indie GoGo campaign for an app that will provide people with a simple way to track chronic illness The Clean Cube – A private drop-box for on-demand services like laundry or groceries Lukewarm Emailer – Crowd-sourced email discovery