Optimize, Automate, Outsource.

Welcome to Optimize, Automate, Outsource. A podcast hosted by Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg.

Each week Ari & Nick discuss Less Doing Productivity Hacks which can range from articles to technologies to help you optimize, automate and outsource everything in your life.

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This is Ari and Nicks new podcast which will launch on the 7th of September! We will be announcing more information in the coming weeks. 

Stay Tuned! 

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The Less Doing Podcast

Each Wednesday, Ari and Nick discuss the most interesting links from across the web related to productivity, wellness, and anything that can help you be more effective. Previous podcast guests include, Tim Ferriss, Joe Polish, Jordan Belfort, Seth Godin, David Allan, Dave Asprey, and many more.


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I have always struggled with writing. It never came naturally to me. But after I developed my system of productivity, I unlocked my ability to sit down, focus, and produce my ideas on paper. Now writing is one of my favorite things to do, because it allows me to reach so many people.

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