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On this call, you will be given a complimentary 30 minute walk-though of the Less Doing workflow.

We will start by showing you how to upload your tasks, communicate effectively with your virtual assistant team, and take advantage of everything this service has to offer. Then, we will also dive deep into your daily schedule and figure out how we can take things off your plate - so that you can do less and live more.

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  • If you feel comfortable, you can share passwords directly with us on Trello. In this case, we can keep your password on file in your dossier for future use. That way we never have to ask you twice.
  • If you would like more security, you can share your passwords with us through 1password. 1password is a third party tool that allows people to log in without being able to view the password. Simply ask a VA about 1password and we will get you setup to share passwords with us.


  • If you want us to purchase something for you, you can add your credit card details to your dossier or to 1password. We will ask for your approval before making a purchase.
  • Alternatively we can purchase the item ourselves and charge it back to your Less Doing account (note this option is not available for recurring purchases such as monthly subscriptions). 


  • We use a tool called Toggl to track time with our VAs and we bill you by the second. Every week you will get a link that directs you to a Toggl report where you can see a detailed breakdown of the time each VA has spent working on your tasks.
  • If you want to dispute any time entry, please do so within one week of the task being completed.
  • You will be able to see on your Trello board how many prepaid hours you have left at any given time. The count will be automatically reduced as time is logged on your tasks.

5. billing

  • You will receive a statement each month with a breakdown of your charges. You may see three different types of charges: 
  • Monthly subscription fee: one charge of the same amount each month.
  • VA hours: when you use up your prepaid hours we will automatically rebill you in increments of 10 hours so your service is never interrupted. The number of charges you'll see each month depends on how much time VAs work on your tasks.
  • Miscellaneous charges: if we hire a specialist or make a purchase for you (see #3).


  • For questions or issues related to a task, you can email If you have a support problem, contact
  • If you would like some extra instruction to get set up on Trello and start using the service, or have any questions about how we can assist you, there is a link at the top of the page where you can schedule a call with one of our VAs. During this call a VA will take you step by step through our process with a screen share and answer all of your questions. 
  • If you want more information on Ari and Nick's other programs to help individuals and businesses reach the next level of efficiency: the Less Doing Virtual Bootcamp and Business Process Optimization (BPO), email